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I realize I didn’t include adequate links for reading the posts mentioned in “Let’s Be Reasonable” so I’m going to add the direct links here.  Each listing will be to a separate post.

Emily Cier

Emily Cier

Emily Cier

Kate Spain

Kate Spain

C&T Publishing

There are many posts that can be found on blogs about this.  If you’re interested do a Google search for “Kate Spain copyright”.

OK….let’s move on to something of a happier aura.  What would you like for me to write about next?





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  1. Just write what you want. I’m happy to read anything. This unfortunately is getting to be a bit much for me. I have a bit on my blog for a future date, but you know I think I’m taking it down. I do want to thank you for the icon on “taking the pledge”. I did post that on my blog. This whole situation gives us all something to think about.

  2. Thank you for the “taking the pledge” icon–it’s on my blog. The bottom line is the customers will have the final vote. We all need to get back to what we do best 🙂 Let’s get back to quilting! What quilting project are you planning next?

    Thank you so much for all the free patterns and wonderful posts! You’re an inspiration 🙂

  3. LK Smith

     /  April 1, 2012

    I enjoy your blog, and you are a great inspiration to me. I am a beginner, and I would like some direction on getting started. I began practicing freehand, then tried tracing patterns and stitching over them, then pantographs. It seems like I am just jumping around, and not really accomplishing anything. Perhaps I just haven’t found my niche, but I was thinking some guidance might be beneficial. Do you have some suggestions for those of us who are just getting into frame quilting as to what to practice on first, etc.? Thanks!


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