Clarification for March Garden Party

I made an error in the number of files that should be downloaded.  There are 6 files instead of 8.  They include everything you need.  Thanks go  to everyone who helped point me in the right direction.

A tip for printing:  When you open each overlay file—look at the pages and don’t print the ones that have almost no pattern on them.  I don’t think you will need those.  If you decide you want to print them, you can always do that but you will have the opportunity to save paper & ink if you don’t have to.

For anyone who had trouble with the files, you should try again.  I tested each file download and they all opened just fine.

Thanks also for all the good wishes regarding my fall.  I’m moving better today but not up to par yet.  🙂

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  1. melodylamour

     /  March 22, 2012

    Technically there are 7 files. When you click on the picture of block 15 there is the background file. LOL but yes only 6 files for the appliques. Sheryl, you so need to put this quilt into a book or at least put it up for sale. I’ve perused a lot of patterns at the quilt stores online and at JoAnn’s. Your artistry is so much more advantaged and lively that you could make tons of money for this. There are many who have tried to download this quilt over the last couple of years and still managing to catch it in the middle or missing it all together. Telling ya, you already have all the patterns worked out and basically ready for print or online downloads. Please consider my ideas. Why? Cause it is a crying shame not to continue to share your God-given talents with the world. I’m so grateful to have found you and your artwork and I know others are too and yet many who will not get that opportunity if you don’t put yourself out there even more than you do now.

    • Thanks so much Melody. I’m glad you like the pattern. I’ve considered selling it but I’m just not that driven to be published. Maybe one day…..

  2. melodylamour

     /  March 22, 2012

    guess I should have re-read that b4 I posted it. That would be advanced NOT advantaged.

  3. Mary Carter

     /  March 22, 2012

    I had no problem downloading the beautiful artwork. I want to thank you for making it available. I do agree that your work is superior. I attend the show in Houston each year and always look for patterns and yours is better than a lot I have bought. I am anxious to see and hear about your move to the barn. I know you will be thrilled to pieces. I am with just my two rooms. (I needed to move into another room when I had my Juki stretched soon to be back). Good luck with everything and try not to fall anymore.

    • Hi Mary. I’m planning to go to Houston this year with our local guild. I’ll be looking for new kinds of things now that I have a longarm. You will really enjoy the Juki after it’s stretched. I’ve thought about having mine done.

  4. Candace

     /  March 23, 2012

    Sheryl, I too want to say thanks a whole bunch and I agree with the previous posts on the subject of your publishing your work! I didn’t look at the files in depth when I downloaded them, just opened each one to be sure it had made it and then closed them again. I hope you are having a wonderful time with Valentina 🙂 and that you won’t be sore much longer. BTW, my verse is Jeremiah 29:11. I think it’s the coolest thing that you have yours right there on your floor!!

    • Thanks so much, Candace. I’m loving Valentina so far! And I expect to really enjoy using her to create beautiful quilts. Yes, that’s a beautiful bible verse too! But then, I haven’t found a bad one!


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