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More About Sneaky

If you’re deathly afraid of snakes you might want to close your eyes.   I don’t like snakes but I’ve had to get used to having some around.  We have a large pond literally at our back door.  Not long ago I killed a moccasin about 50 feet from the kitchen door.  I was walking to the barn and that icky, yucky, ugly thing was in my way.  Too close to the house to leave it alone so I found a long piece of steel pipe and he/she is history.

As far as Sneaky goes….everyone can relax.  🙂  Sneaky is a fake snake…..albeit a well-traveled snake.

I bought Sneaky on the way to a retreat I hosted in New Braunfels, TX at T-Bar-M Ranch back in 2006.  He made surprise appearances at different times and places throughout the retreat.

As you saw in the photo in my last post, he made appearances in the fruit bowl.

Sneaky loves apples

He took rides on Denise’s shoulder.

Sneaky likes to hitch hike

Sneaky didn’t make Quilter’s Romp in the Swamp in 2007 but he or Son of Sneaky made appearances at Romps we had in Jasper, Arkansas.  Somewhere along the line Sneaky was replaced by Son of Sneaky.  He probably wishes Denise would take that blasted plastic collar off.

Son of Sneaky takes in the view outside Cliff House Inn--Jasper, AR

Son of Sneaky spends some quality, quilting time with WWWanda (Wonderfully, Wicked Wanda)

And Sometimes Son of Sneaky Needs a Nap

Son of Sneaky Approves of WWWanda's Design

Just in case you think we don’t do anything but play with Sneaky or Son of Sneaky when we go on retreat…..here’s this:

Denise Decorating the Wall Art With Beanie Babies

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  1. Okay…this made my grinning madly day! Thanks for informing the uninformed. What a hoot!

  2. Lynn Patrick

     /  February 20, 2012

    Where I live I have real copperheads and they are sneaky and not fun —they bite and you can die from one of them just as a rattle snake. We generally find or comeacross 2 or 3 starting spring. You never know when one could be inside your house or at the front door in the morning when step to see what the day will be like. Now that you cannot get sulfer to put around the house and barn they come next to the house. We do keep cats but thats not a guarantee. Sorry, but they are not fun.

    • Hi Lynn. No…I agree that real ones aren’t fun. This is actually the second cottonmouth that I’ve killed and we also have copperheads. DH killed one last year on the edge of our garden. A friend I used to work with was chased out of her flower bed by one. Copperheads are aggressive…even more so than cottonmouth moccasins.

      I didn’t realize you can’t buy sulfur anymore. Where do you live?

  3. Edwina Finet

     /  February 20, 2012

    That was so much fun! I have a lot of snake stories, so I’ll add Sneaky to them. You make snakes look like fun.

  4. Hi Edwina. Real ones really aren’t fun but we have fun with Sneaky.

  5. patchkat

     /  February 20, 2012

    I know snakes have their uses and reasons for being, but I dislike any snake. I’m of the school that the only good snake is a dead one. We have rock rattlers, diamondback rattlers, moccasins and copperheads in our area…and a whole slew of non-venomous snakes. we keep a loaded 410 for walking the property and there’s always a hoe close to hand.

    • Well, they’re not to be trusted for sure. We’re always on the lookout around here too and neither of us has a problem with dispatching one.

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