Meet My Chickens

I thought you might like to see what some of our chickens look like.   The ones we’ve had the longest are the Black Stars aka Black Sexlinks.  They’re a cross between Barred Rock hen and Rhode Island Red rooster.  They’re called a sexlink because they can be sexed at birth.  They’re not overly friendly but will let you pet them sometimes.  There are a few that will eat sunflower seeds from my hand.  They lay nice, large brown eggs.

Black Star

Here’s a picture of Barry with some of the girls.  The picture is labeled as to what they are.

Chicken Family

The Black Copper Maran hens (we have 2) are large birds and have a somewhat “squatty” appearance to me.  They lay beautiful dark, chocolate colored eggs.  If you look closely, you can see that the shanks are feathered as well as the body.

The Silver Laced Wyandottes (we have 3) are gorgeous.  Their feathers are white edged in black.  We have 3 now but did have 4 to begin with.  One of them was a smarty pants and would fly up onto the top of the 6 foot tall chain link fence and hop down onto the other side.   We’d find her frantically trying to figure out how to get back in and would have to catch her to put her back.  One day, something was waiting for her frisky self and we found her feathers strewn across the garden.  I count my chickens every night so I know if anyone is missing.  🙂

The Black Minorca’s (we have 3) are beautiful, shiny black birds and have a small white spot on the sides of their face.  They’re pretty flighty but one was actually eating from my hand this afternoon.

The Ameraucana’s (there are 7) are sometimes called “Easter Eggers” because they lay eggs in different shades of green/blue.  They have little tufts of feathers that pooch out on the sides of their faces.  They eat from my hands.

Another pic of the girls

Light Brahma

I just love the Light Brahma’s (we have 4).  They’re huge and their feathers are so soft and they have feathered shanks/feet.  They’re not flighty at all.  They’re usually first in line to eat from my hand.  They recognize the sound of the window sliding open and hop up on the feeder to see me.  One actually hopped up into my arms one day to eat from my hand.  Don says I’ve got them spoiled rotten.

The Blue Andalusians (we have 3) are one of my favorite breeds.  They’re not friendly but they do come to eat from my hand.   I love their color.

Roux-Roux and one of the Blue Andalusian's

The Black Minorca’s and Blue Andalusian’s like to fly up on top of the chain link fence and walk around but I’ve never seen them fly down into the wrong side of the fence.  The chickens are so entertaining.   They run to see me when the know I’m coming and get ready for hand feeding.  Then when I get ready to toss sunflower seeds into the yard for them, they run through the gate into the part of the yard where I throw the seeds and wait for their treat to arrive.

This afternoon, one of the chickens hopped up onto the nest boxes in the new coop as I was walking through “my side” to go out and started pecking on the window.  Roflol.    Too spoiled.

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  1. Joyce

     /  February 13, 2012

    Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful. Pics come in too large though.

  2. Karen Becker

     /  February 13, 2012

    I’m not a big fan of birds – but your flock is very pretty and I imagine the egss are quite delicious. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. Pat Salvant

     /  February 13, 2012

    Your Chickens are very pretty. I wasn’t going to post anything, but Barry has been on my mind for TWO days! He was beautiful, just like the chickens I used to watch running free around Key West. Difference was, they were not agressive, just lonely onlys or one proud papa struttin his stuff with his hen and her biddies. Keeping them penned up makes it a territory they must defend and poor Barry was definitely trying to rule his roost. Just what nature intended. There should only be ONE no matter how many hens. My grandmother would never let me in the chicken yard when the rooster was out and that was some 60 years ago. Nothing changes! Sorry you got so mad you had to end his days, it wasn’t the best way to end it, but Iam sure you know that. Hope the chicken dinner was good.

  4. Liz

     /  February 13, 2012

    I too had a Rooster like yours, his name was Stew…. No he did not go into a pot… He got a “cold” and did not make….

  5. Looks like things have settled down now that you have one ruler of the roost. I really enjoy reading about your chickens.


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