What Does a Locked Gate Mean to You?

Big Chain----Big Lock

Well, to me it means that I’m not welcome beyond that gate and/or whatever is behind that gate does not belong to me.

To some people though, it doesn’t mean a thing.

I ran some errands yesterday afternoon and when I got home, Don was walking toward the house from the chicken coop area.  He was furious.   He had gotten home a little earlier to find a car parked in front of the locked gate and 2 people fishing in our pond.  They had climbed over the gate and walked through another gate to get to the pond.  That second gate wasn’t locked to make it easier for Don to get to the well pump if he needed to.

We’ve let the woods grow up around the pond on purpose so it won’t be so tempting to would be fishermen/women.  The side that isn’t grown up has a tall chain link fence running down the length of the pond.   He let these 2 miscreants know they were not welcome here and that it would be in their best interest to never make the mistake of trespassing on our land in the future.  They proceeded to tell Don that their Daddy knew Don’s Dad and that Don’s Dad has helped take care of their uncle….what????  Don’s Dad never lived in Louisiana and has been gone for over 20 years.  Even if their story had been true, it was immaterial.  They were trespassing.

So now, the other gate is closed & locked.

Another chained & locked gate

Where does this all end?  I don’t think we’ll see any changes for the better in the behavior of some people.  Here in south Louisiana, we live in what I called the “world of the entitled”.   For whatever reason, there’s a feeling by many that just because they breathe, they are entitled to a free life.  It’s been this way as long as we’ve lived here and it gets worse every day.  I hate to keep bringing up Katrina, but that storm changed our whole world.  When bad people fled New Orleans and claimed spots in other places, things started to go to heck around here.

Shame, Shame, Shame.

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  1. carol c

     /  February 10, 2012

    I totally can relate. There is no middle class anymore. Plus if you have something they want they will TAKE it. I bet they come back too to your tank. Parents leave the raising to school, school cannot take the responsibility of a parent, those that dont parent (90% imho). I like your blog, and I hope that things work out, and your locked gate remains even w.o. a no tresspass sign. Otherwise, your quilting inspirations are as wonderful as always!

    • I’m glad you like my blog, Carol. It’s nice to hear that. We’ve had so many things stolen…mostly small stuff but someone stole Don’s vintage truck a few years ago. The sheriff’s dept. couldn’t have cared less.

  2. You’re right about people who feel entitled, but it’s not just in Louisiana. It seems to be everywhere these days. People just don’t get the concept of private property.

  3. Barbara

     /  February 10, 2012

    So sorry about your traspassers, and yes it does seem more and more people think that the law or locked gates doesn’t mean them, makes me long to go back in time about 100 years (which my mom always said I should have been born about 150 years ago, grin). Hope you have no more problems from them in the future.

  4. Unbelievable!

  5. VickiT

     /  February 10, 2012

    Oh how frustrating Sherry. GRRRRRr Not that it helps but, my husband and I have been discussing over the past 2-3 yrs about how it seems EVERYONE is under the impression of “the world of entitlement”. We see it everywhere and manners are totally gone now which is just really sad. Somewhere along the line parents stopped teaching their children manners because we see a whole new generation of those who feel they are entitled just because they breathe. SO sad.

    Not sure if you have signs but, when we were having problems with a neighbor’s kids the police chief told us he can’t do anything if we don’t have ‘no tresspassing’ signs posted on our property. You may want to post those just to ensure the police will do something if this happens again. I don’t suppose your husband thought to take their license plate number down? That would have been a good thing to do as well JUST in case those people come back and have an attitude and decide to cause trouble when they see that 2nd gate is locked now too. GOOD LUCK.

    • We had signs but they’ve been torn down. I guess we’ll have to get more. He was too angry to think about getting the license plate. That wouldn’t have helped though. When we reported some women for actually driving onto our property and filing their trunk with scrap metal Don was going to recycle….the detective who called me weeks after the incident wanted to know if *I* ever got their tag number. What a joke.

      Yes, sadly these days manners are passe` and chivalry is dead as a doornail for the most part. I’m constantly reminding Chris to say “yes, ma’m”…even though he’s 26, I still believe we should all be considerate.

  6. Lynne McClure

     /  February 10, 2012

    Sheryl, I am right there with you! Lots n lots of those ‘victims’ from Katrina ended up here in Houston and they never went back home. Like you, I believe a locked gate says that you should keep on moving.

    Thanks for making me feel sane.

    • Lynne, I felt so badly for all the wonderful people in Houston and other places who took Katrina refugees in and gave them food/shelter. Only to have their hands bitten in too many cases.

      The hotels here opened their rooms and had them totally destroyed.

  7. Peggy

     /  February 10, 2012

    I agree with your post and all the comments. Unfortunately it is not just the young people who think because they see something that it is theirs to use or take. The one time in my life that I took something and that was by mistake, I went back to the store and paid for the 29cent package of seeds that kept falling out of my cart. Not too many years ago I was in the wrong lane on a toll road in IL and didn’t pay the 50cents due. When I arrived home I looked up how to pay that 50cents and sent it into the state of IL. If all people were like that we would not have generations on welfare or father and son’s being arrested for stealing like is so prevelant now.

    • I agree, Peggy. I’ve gone back to pay for things that didn’t get rung up on the register. When Chris was little, we were in a Hallmark store and all the out of season cards were on sale. When I got outside, Chris had a stash of cards stuffed in the side of the stroller. I was horrified but he was only about 2. We went back into the store and I paid for them.

  8. LK Smith

     /  February 10, 2012

    Wow, Sheryl! I thought all the really bad people from Katrina settled in Houston! Our city has never been the same since Katrina. Of course, some very nice and self-supporting people from New Orleans relocated here. We don’t hear much about them, but the criminals are in the news everyday. We wanted to send all the free-loaders back, but I see some of them stuck around in Louisiana! I’m surprised they didn’t help themselves to your chickens and eggs!

  9. Hi LK. Funny you should mention the chickens & eggs. There was an older couple who were renting a trailer across the field from us. They didn’t have a car and the man rode everywhere on an old bicycle. He stopped by one day to ask Don if he would use our tractor to pull up some old posts so Don did that. We felt sorry for them so I asked Don to take some eggs to them.

    Not long afterwards, we started noticing a drastic reduction in the number of eggs we were getting and it wasn’t the time of year for the numbers to fall off. We have 29 laying hens. We started getting 2 eggs on some days so we determined that someone was helping themselves.

    That’s why the new coop has a locking door now. It’s inconvenient to have to take a key to get in to collect eggs but the change in numbers was enough to tell us we had been right.

  10. Ann Key

     /  February 10, 2012

    We live in TN, have a fence around our property, and have been told by local law enforcement that unless it is posted with NO TRESPASSING signs that we have no complaint. People in this part of the country know that means you will most likely get a gun stuck in your face if you come past the gate and so far we have had no problems. Even people we know call before coming up the road to the house. I agree with you 100% that the chain and lock should be enough. I hate the feeling that people need to carry a fire arm just so they can feel safe on their own property but unfortunately with the drug situation becoming worse and worse that is what it is coming to. We actually had the copper piping stolen out of our new home construction two days before final inspection.

    • Hi Ann. We did have signs up until someone decided to get rid of them. I’ve heard of copper pipe being stolen from new construction. There are a couple of rental trailers across the field from us. Someone stripped all the copper wiring from one of the trailers when it was vacant.

  11. A Key

     /  February 10, 2012

    Just one more thought. You may want to actually paint the NO TRESPASSING sign on your gate so that they can’t remove them. Of course, someone will probably just spray paint over them.

  12. Michele-Marie

     /  February 10, 2012

    It is so very sad when times change for the worse like that but it changes every generation and the lessons come from the parents for better or for worse. It is so very sad and frustrating.

  13. It isn’t only in Louisiana that people think that can everything for nothing. It is in Panama City too. They someone with some real guts to take over the welfare system, the social security system the food stamps etc…..Make the lazy low life people that have never worked for anything to realize, you work for what you need or you don’t survive. I am tired of working my butt off, so a dozen others can sit home and go on expensive vacations all year long. If that had been my pond, they would have been met with more than unkind words from me. They also would have had to call a tow truck.

    • The car was parked on the highway side of our gate so he couldn’t do anything to it but I’m sure he would have liked to make it immobile. It’s something new every day.

  14. The cheek of some people! I would have grabbed my camera, taken a photo and told them I’d keep it to show the police and my solicitor(lawyer) if I saw them on the property again. A pic of the car’s license plate would be handy too.
    Our dogs bark continuously if someone comes through the gate and as we live on the ridge there’s not much of the property that one of them can’t see. They are on chains but visitors are still wary of them.


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