Drawing With Paint Shop Pro

Using a drawing program in the computer isn’t anything like drawing on paper.  I find it much easier, in fact.  I don’t have to worry about getting the lines straight because the computer does that for me.  I can draw perfect circles because the computer does that for me. See?

I do have to work at the freehand drawing part as it doesn’t come naturally.  I have to use pictures to help me.

Several years ago, I participated in a Yahoo group called “Stepping Stones through PSP“.  They start you at the very basic, beginner, baby level of working in this program and you gradually progress through series of 25 lessons each.  I completed all 5 sets of lessons that were offered at the time.  It took over a year to work all the way through the lessons but it was worth it.

Each student has a moderator assigned to them.  That moderator is an expert in using PSP and they can help you through any rough patch you can imagine.  My moderator was Jacki and she was wonderful to work with.  The lessons are totally free.  Participation is essential though as you won’t learn a thing if you don’t do the lessons.  Each lesson’s homework is submitted to the group for constructive review.  As  you progress through the lessons, you even write tutorials to teach others how to execute the design you made in PSP.

If you’re interested in learning how to use a computer drawing program, PSP is easy to learn and this group is wonderful.  I loved the lessons.  I need to go back and review some of the lessons, especially the ones about using the paint & pen tools.

Here’s my certificate for finishing Step 5.  You have to finish each step (series) before being allowed to go to the next step.

 Anyway, if you think you’d enjoy computer drawing….check it out.  Just keep in mind that your moderator may live across the world from you and won’t be able to answer questions immediately.

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  1. Bari

     /  January 31, 2012

    Now I know why your drawings are so good! You have put in the “sweat equity” already!
    Wonder if they have one of those for PSE…Hmmmm. I am going to go check!

  2. The bad thing is that I haven’t used many of the skills I learned in the tutorials. I checked to see if there was a group for PSE and didn’t find one for free tutorials. If you find one, let me know.


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