QW Class & Free Motion Challenge

Hallelujah!  I’m almost caught up on the Quilt Whisperer class by Carla Barrett.  You may get tired of hearing this, but this is one cool class.  I wish it were 6 weeks instead of only 3!.  I’ve finally gotten my homework for Week 2 finished and submitted and we’re half way into Week 3 already.

We had our third webinar today.  Somehow, I missed last week’s but no worries because Carla saves the file so we can watch later.  It’s just more fun when you’re there during the actual thing.

She asked us to send pictures of quilts we’d like for her to whisper for us.  I sent the EQ7 file of Eye of the Storm.  She made some really good suggestions.  Actually, this quilt is close to being finished but I wanted to see what she would do with it.  I’m going to show you her suggestions and in a few days, I’ll show you what I’ve actually done so you can compare.

Carla Barrett's Whispering of my Eye of the Storm

Part of the extra credit homework was to actually quilt a free-motion all over design.  First, we drew the designs on black construction paper.  I couldn’t find a white Gel pen so I used the silver Sharpie which worked just fine.  Here’s the last design I drew (don’t forget that drawing isn’t my big skill).  Thank goodness, I think I’ll be a better quilter than sketcher.  🙂

Sketch #6

And here’s the photo of the quilting I did.  We were to use black fabric & a light thread.  I did my Free-Motion Quilting Challenge on the same piece so you can see part of that.  There’s a button to the challenge on right side of the page.

What I quilted

Even though the Free-Motion Challenge is designed for sit-down quilters and I use a Juki on an older  Grace frame,  I know I can benefit from taking part in it.  And now, for the January Free-Motion Quilting Challenge….finally…..

January Challenge: Leaves

  January’s challenge was led by Frances Moore.

I’m tired friends, so I’m going to call it a night.

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  1. Jackie

     /  January 26, 2012

    I’m also taking the Quilt Whisper class, you are really doing well. I’m with you on how much we are learning, if it helps I’m still working on the first weeks lessons, life keeps getting in the road. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing how the barn is doing.

    • Hi Jackie. I loved the class. It was like a breath of fresh air! The barn is coming along. Keep watching for more pictures of the progress.

  2. sandra parsons

     /  January 26, 2012

    WOW Sheryl, you are doing great. 🙂


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