Tears on My Pillow

“Pain in My Heart”……I feel like listening to some of those old tear-jerker songs tonight.  I’m sure before daylight there will be lots of tears shed.  Right now, I’m just worn out.

I’ve spent the last several days trying to get Chris ready for his move.  It hasn’t been easy.  He’s been asking if he can come home if he doesn’t like it and trying to get me to put a number on the amount of days he has to give this move a chance.  This is hard!

He stayed home today from work so he could help move more of his things.  It was a battle all day long.  He kept saying he wanted to come home with me and spend tonight with me and his Dad.  We discussed over and over why that wasn’t a good idea but he still didn’t want to stay overnight at the new house….or as the care workers said “his new home”.

The House---J's Mother cleaning windows

Look at that wonderful screened back porch. It's huge!

And gorgeous red roses too. Chris love roses.

Chris's Red Bed

Don & I both know he really needs to do this but I miss him already.  He’s never lived away from us.

So what am I doing now?  I’m baking a Lemon Tart for Chris.

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  1. Maureen

     /  January 16, 2012

    You ,Don and Chris are in my prayers. A family member was in the same position a few years ago and ended up bringing their daughter home at the time, they now are finding it difficult as their health and energy is slowing down which restricts opportunities for their daughter to socialize. It is a very difficult time, in their words “they regret they were not stronger at the time for their daughters sake”
    Take care
    Down Under

    • We know it’s the best thing for Chris. The first week was rough but he seems to be settling in. These changes are always difficult.

  2. Always hurts watching oír kids go
    Because they always are going to be our babies

  3. Melody R.

     /  January 17, 2012

    You, your husband and Chris will be in my prayers too. I can only imagine the turmoil going through your mind and heart. But you are good parents and being a parent means making hard decisions for the greater good where or not it feels good at that moment. Be strong and lean on God to take care of Chris and you and your hubby. He never gives us more than we can handle. I often ask God, okay just how strong do You think I am? He always tells me stronger than you think you are Melody and reminds me that He will be right there to carry the extra weight when I feel my fingers slipping over the edge. Change is something most humans hate cause it is all unknown and we prefer what we already know. Things always work out. Just stay strong. Bear hugs.

    • I probably couldn’t get through this without the prayers & concern of friends. God has taken care of us many times and he never lets us down.

  4. I have done this twice,when Stevie moved to his new home and when little Hank left to go to collage..you have raised a. wonderful young man and are doing the next step in his life and yours, his independence. This is hard for both of you.he is super lucky to have found a home to move into. Hugs and support.

  5. When my oldest son and daughter-in-law moved from Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona, it was a tough time. It’s hard, but it does get easier 🙂 You family is in my prayers

  6. Jackie

     /  January 17, 2012

    Hang in there, it does get easier. I’m sending you my prayers.

  7. I feel for Don and you as I am sure it is a difficult time for both of you. Chris must feel like I did when I went away to college. I was scared, yet excited. I remember crying when my parents left. He will be alright, he will grow as a person and become more independant. This was a big step for all of you and I am proud that you had the courage to aid Chris to be able to survive in the furture.

  8. Ruthie Peterburg

     /  January 18, 2012

    Oh hon, don’t take it so badly. Look on the bright side, what a lovely house he’s going to be living in and he’ll be so independent before you know it.
    Warm hugs,

  9. Wanda Brewer

     /  January 18, 2012

    I wish we were closer, I would come and we would sew,and sew and shed a few tears. It is hard to see loved ones leave the nest. Be strong and brave, it is a good thing for you all.
    Tell Chris for me to start planting some new roses and other flowers. What a good looking yard he has to work on.
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    • That would be wonderful, Wanda if we could get together and just sew. He’s already wanting to plant stuff in the yard. There are a couple empty flower beds he’s already planning for.

  10. Oh, Sheryl! My heart breaks for you. I also know it’s the right thing to do for y’all and for Chris but having left Chad behind, and under totally different circumstances, I can’t even imagine how hard it is for you, Don and Chris. You can cry to me any time and I’ll cry along with you!

  11. Kathleen Lane

     /  January 20, 2012

    Hello. I am new to your blog and am not familiar with your family. Reading your post about Chris made me think of my own son. My son, Jimmy, is mentally disabled and lives in a group home 100 miles from us. We had always talked with him about him having his own life when he was grown. When the time came for him to move, it was heart wrenching. He settled in nicely and still likes to come home to visit for a week or two at a time but when it is time for him to go home, he always talks about his friends will be missing him.


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