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Is The World Coming to an End?

Probably not, but I can’t believe I’m going to do this.

I love football.  I don’t always know what they’re doing but I love to watch it.  I have some favorite teams as does everyone who loves the game.  We won’t all agree on favored teams so we’re going to agree to disagree up front.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic Saturday night when the beloved Saints won their first play-off game.

And I was thrilled yesterday when Tim Tebow led the Denver Bronco’s to a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I’ve never watched a lot of college football until the last few years.  I have *always* been an Auburn Tigers—“WAR EAGLE BABY” fan.  That will never change regardless of where I live.

I have *never* been an Alabama fan even though I’m married to an Bama fan.  That will never change.  In fact, I’ve always said I had 2 favorite college teams:  Auburn and whoever was playing Bama.  OK Bama fans….nothing against you personally….just my personal preference….to which each of us is entitled to.  🙂

I’ve been living in south Louisiana for over 27 years and have never become an LSU fan.  I’ve never even come close to liking them but we won’t go into that part any further lest we all get ruffled feathers.

What can’t I believe I’m going to do?   I’m going to pull for LSU tonight.  It would be ok with me if neither team won the game but since it doesn’t work that way, I’m going to put this on and watch the game.

Well, they do have pretty colors....

So, why this change of heart?  With the challenges I went through last year, I realize that some things just aren’t so important and some things really aren’t worth getting our undies in a twist about.

The change really started coming when my secret pal in Southern Samplers gave me an Auburn tote bag and other Auburn goodies for my birthday.   Of course I didn’t know who she was but to tell the truth, I would never have considered giving someone LSU or Bama stuff.  At our Christmas party, I discovered that dear Danette had been my secret pal all year long.  Danette is an avid LSU fan and she gave me Auburn goodies! Oh my!

I had a really good secret pal last year too.  She *made* me wonderful Auburn stuff and she’s an LSU fan also.   Hmm….maybe it’s time for me to do some serious soul searching.

How far can I go with this new thing?  Probably not far enough to pull for Bama or give Bama goodies to someone and certainly not to make Bama goodies.  😉

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  1. Pat Salvant

     /  January 9, 2012

    LSU Grad 1985. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

  2. It just took you long enough. Yes they do have great colors.

    GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!

  3. Belinda

     /  January 11, 2012

    My sister said,”look at it this way–the South is going to win either way!”. Can’t argue with that although I was for Alabama. ( I am actually a Mississippi girl all the way–GO USM!!!


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