Meyer Lemons

I finally got  all the lemons washed this morning so I’ll get started on slicing some of them for the dehydrator.  They’re easy to clean.  Just wipe them off with a moist dishcloth and rinse under running water.  Here’s an answer to one of the questions I got with the last post.

Are they normally that large?  Yes, although some of them are smaller but usually not quite as small as the ones you buy in the supermarket.  There’s a wide variety of sizes.

You can buy Meyer lemon trees online but I think they’re usually the dwarf size that you can grow on a patio.  Down here, we buy them at local produce markets and they are planted in the ground.  I asked Don how many trees this guy had and he said  “3”.  That’s a lot of fruit for 3 trees!

I found a few interesting pages about them and a couple recipes that sound good so I thought you might like to take a look.,0,5003872.story

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  1. I would not have thought about dehydrating lemons. I read that you will grind them later. How do you plan to use them?

  2. Hi Peggy. I found a YouTube video showing how to make lemonade with dehydrated lemons.

    I’ll use the lemon powder on baked fish or chicken, sprinkle it in tea. That’s what comes to mind right now. 🙂

  3. I was amazed when I read your last post with what seemed like a mountain of lemons. Now after checking the sites you provided, I am officially jealous. I have never tasted a Meyer’s lemon. I have never seen one in the stores here in New York. I’ll have to ask at our market. They definitely sound like something worth trying.

    • Hi Katie. I recently read about a woman who found some at a market somewhere in New York state. They’re much milder than regular lemons so you wouldn’t want to use the juice for preserving. I’ve still got a few more to process and then I’ll be through.

  4. Betty G

     /  January 9, 2012

    Mmmmmmmmmm can smell those lemons all the way up here in Canada – you are very fortunate – there’s nothing like home grown – any lemon pies in the plan?


    • Hi Betty. We love being able to enjoy local citrus. It’s one of the perks of living in south Louisiana. I guess we have to have something to compensate for the sweltering heat most of the year. 🙂 I’ve made a few lemon tarts and they have been wonderful. I’m going to post some pictures and the recipe I used soon.


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