Progress in the Barn

Don worked on the new coop again today but in between, he’s been working in the front room of the barn.  I have my thoughts on what should be done first….and he has his own thoughts about that.  Obviously, they’re not even in the same hemisphere.  🙂  I did say the water supply to the barn needs to be done next and he worked on the water line at the coop today so maybe….

He loves beaded paneling.  It reminds him of the houses in Bellamy, AL where we met and were married.  At one time, all the houses were owned by the lumber mill and they were rented to employees for little to nothing.  Th interior of the houses all had V-groove pine paneling.  Most of the walls were finished with a sealer although some were painted.  It didn’t look like this beaded paneling, but the “feel” was similar so he likes it.

The barn had 3 rooms.  A narrow, front room…a large room, and a small room which will be a bedroom for guests.  I think he’s decided to put the same paneling in the bedroom. Here are a few pics of the walls in the front room.  Then he added a kitchen/dining/laundry area and a bathroom to the side of the barn.

Recycled wood ceiling--Beaded paneling walls.

Front room corner

Working hard

This is a wall in the bedroom and is what the walls looked like before he put up the paneling.

We’ve really got to get our act together.  The longarm is due to be delivered and set up sometime next month!

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  1. If you need a place to keep the longarm for a while, I’ll volunteer my house…..grin.

  2. Maureen

     /  January 3, 2012

    May I borrow Don, tell him free board and lodging for odd jobs,all laughs aside, he is doing a great job and the wood has a nice cosy look, it must be so exciting looking forward to the arrival of this quilting machine…I expect to see a wonderful quilt for Don in the future on that machine.
    Take care of each other,

  3. Can’t believe your Don worked at Bellamy–so did mine, from June of 1978 to last of Feb. 1984. He was shipping super, Quality control and whatever else!
    Email me if Don was there at the same time.
    Phyllis in Oregon

    • Hi Phyllis. We had already moved from Bellamy by then. My parents and family were still there though. They owned the Waysider restaurant/station out on Hwy. 80. Daddy is gone now and Mother now lives down here in Louisiana with my baby sister.


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