This Just Makes Me Mad

Warning !!!  The following is a rant.

I guess this  experience falls into the “When will I ever stop expecting food to look like the advertised picture?”

I rarely eat at McDonald’s but I love McDonald’s McRib sandwiches and always look forward to when they’re  “in season” as we say down here.  I ordered one today at one of their drive-thru’s on my way home.  When I got ready to eat the sandwich and opened the container….what to my unbelieving eyes did I see?  I wish I had taken a picture with my camera phone.

A McRib patty stuck on a regular burger bun….half of the meat hanging off one side of the bun and flapping against the inside of the container.  These sandwiches are supposed to be on a hoagie type bun…not a burger bun.  It not only looks different as in it fits the meat better, but it tastes better.

When I placed my order….did they inform me they were substituting the bread?  or ask me if it was ok with me to do so?

When I payed for my order….did they inform me they had substituted the bread or ask me if it was ok with me to do so?

When they handed me my order and smiled and said “Happy New Year”, did they inform me they had substituted the bread or ask me if it was ok to do so?

Not no….but…hell, no.

It’s not what I ordered and it’s not what I wanted.  A waste of my time and money.

Shame on you McDonald’s on Railroad Ave. in Hammond, LA.

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  1. I used to like the McRib too, and couldn’t wait for it to be in season. The last one I had was gross. Why is the meat so weirdly shaped? Do they think I’m fooled into thinking there are actually ribs in the meat? I’m cured for good, which isn’t a bad thing.

  2. katie

     /  January 1, 2012

    That is why I try to check before I leave, any fast food place.. Cause I special order my food, makes sure it is fresh and what I want. I forgot last time at BK and when I got home I opened my sandwich and my DBLE cheesebuger, had the sauce ,which I asked for none .. and the lettuce I asked for and was charge an extra 10 cents, I got none.. I ended up throwing the bun and pickles cause they were both soaked in mustard .. gross… They made the mistake of giving me a receipt with a survey on it so the company got an ear full from me!!

    • I need to learn to do that. They don’t like you to sit in line though as it messes up their “timer”. That’s another story in itself. Lol.

  3. Mary Carter

     /  January 1, 2012

    I am with you 100%. I too love the McRib when it is “in season”. I haven’t had your problem but the last time we went to burger king (I won’t capitalize them) we bought onion rings. Well there were about 3-4 onion rings in the top of the box, the rest were french fries. We called and left a message at the place we got it and also did their survey on line. That was two weeks ago and we haven’t heard one word of apology. Most of the time I wait in line and check the food but mostly just to see if I got the correct number of sandwiches not looking to see if they were ok. Hope they learn

  4. Donna C.

     /  January 3, 2012

    Go to the McDonalds web site and tell them what happened. I’ve done it before when what I ordered is not what I received or was served so cold it was not edible. They sent me coupons for free food. They may not do anything but then again they may.

    Donna C.

    • Hi Donna. I did that and referred them to this blog post. I got several messages on my cell phone asking me to call back and an e-mail apologizing. The next week, I got a coupon for one free Xtra value meal. It helped but it doesn’t solve the problem…the supervisors just don’t pay attention to what’s going on in their stores.


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