Chickie Biddies New Coop

"Roux-Roux" on the left and "Barry" on the right.


My poor hubby is a busy man.  He’s been off from work for the holidays and has been working harder here at home, I think.  The concrete slab for the new chicken coop was poured earlier this year when they poured the new floor in the barn.

He’s just gotten around to working on the coop and it’s coming along nicely.  He’s been recycling some wood from crates that the saws come in at work.  These crates normally get thrown away but he’s been saving them and using them in the barn and now for the coop.   It’s very rustic looking and I love it.  This is the start of the front wall.

The front wall is almost finished

This reminds me of a scene in one of the “Mash” re-runs where Hawkeye, Radar, and Hot Lips run through a door to hide from supposed enemy troops only to find there are no walls surrounding the door.

Here’s what it looks like now.  The sides will be painted a dark brown.  The back will be wire enclosed for ventilation.

"Le Poulet Maison"

Can you see the green grass on the left edge of the picture?  We’ve got their run sectioned off and have grass planted.  They can only get to the section we have open for them.  When it’s all finished, there will be 3 sections, each with it’s own gate so we can rotate their play yard.  That way the grass has a chance to refresh itself after they chop it down.  Right now, we just move a section of fence.

Here’s Don working on the roof

Here’s a picture from the back of the coop.  The room is divided in half.  One half is “our” side and the other half is “their” side.

Left side is for the chickens. Right side is for us.

The nest boxes are on the divider wall and there are sliding windows  above the nest boxes.  I can just stand on my side of the building and open the windows to get the eggs if I need to.  The reason I say “if I need to”, is because Don has designed the nest boxes with a slanted bottom that extends to our side.  There’s a facing board there.  The boxes will be lined with artificial turf for cushion & ease of cleaning.
Theoretically, when the eggs are laid, they will roll gently down the slope and be caught against the facing board.  This will keep any “egg eaters” from being able to do their mischief.  At least we’re hoping it will work as planned.

2 roosts on the left and nest boxes on the right

Nest Boxes with sliding windows to the right

Underneath the nest boxes, it’s closed off and we’ll use that area under the nest boxes to store extra food, pelletized bedding, etc.  There will be a self-feeder & self-waterer in the coop so they always have access to both.

The new coop is having to wait a bit to be finished so Don can work on the barn again because the longarm is due to be delivered some time in February.  When we make more progress, I’ll try to post new pics.


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  1. Love your coop design. And I’m a firm believer in using old pallets. We had to give our chickens away when we moved back in 2007. I sure miss them. Hopefully we’ll have some again someday.
    Looking forward to seeing your long arm room. : ) Have a wonderful new year.

  2. Maybe you can get more chickens one day. They’re so much fun to watch.


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