Tea With Marie

I don’t remember the exact year, but it would have been before I started travel nursing in 2001 because we were working on a raffle quilt I designed for the first expo in Ponchatoula.  Our local quilt guild had a new member.  She had moved to our area from New Orleans after a career as an educator.

She is without a doubt the most charming lady I’ve ever met.  She is kind.  She is generous.  She is gracious and elegant.  She is truly beautiful inside and out.

She is talented in more ways than one.   She taught piano for years to many fortunate students.  She even wore the crown of Miss Minnesota 1956.

I have said many times if I should need to choose someone to emulate, it would be her.  She has been an inspiration to me.  This wonderful friend is Marie Carroll.

Marie Carroll

Marie was instrumental in the success of the very first outdoor quilt expo in Ponchatoula.  She was one of the founding members of BerryPatch Productions which later became BerryPatch Preservation for Quilting & Visual Arts.

In recent years Marie has seen major health struggles and had a rocky recovery but recover, she did.   She fought her way back.  Her friends were not surprised.  She is still the beautiful lady I’m proud to call my friend.

I was so honored to be chosen as the feature quilter for this year but in my personal joy, I felt that someone else also should have a moment to shine at this years expo.  That someone is Marie. Earlier this summer while attending a quilt show in Krotz Springs, LA, I asked Danette if she thought it was possible for us to host a “tea party” at our expo in Marie’s honor.  Jan and Yvonne were enthusiastic about the idea and agreed to act as hostesses.  The idea for the tea party came to life.

When I was working on drafts for the FQ Stroll pattern, I decided on a teapot for the center medallion and I knew I wanted to pattern to be a tribute to Marie.  I went to Mama’s Quilt Shop to talk to Brenda  about fabric choices.  She showed me a magnolia theme collection  and I immediately thought it would be perfect to go with the teapot.

Marie is like a southern Magnolia…..  Delicate but strong.  The fabrics were perfect for the design I call “Tea with Marie”.

This Saturday (10/8) there will be a special event called “Tea With Marie” during BerryPatch Quilt & Art Expo.  Guests will have the opportunity to meet & visit with Marie while enjoying a display of her quilt-works and a cup/glass of tea.  It will be held inside the Ponchatoula Community Center from  1:30 pm–2:30 pm.

I hope you will join us in honoring this special person who has given so much of herself to the world around her.  Let her touch your life as she has touched the lives of so many.

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