My Quilter’s Bucket List

It’s been a busy year.  I’m working on getting ready for a special exhibit at BerryPatch’s expo this fall and am finishing up the pattern for their FQ Stroll activity.  This is the 4th pattern I’ve done for them.

Having the cancer scare this spring pretty much put a halt on work for a while but I’m feeling pretty much normal so I’m moving along again.

You may remember that Jan (a fellow guild member) issued a bucket list challenge for all of us.  My bucket list is learning to be a proficient machine quilter.  While the quilts I’ve finished don’t look like show quality, I’m learning as I go and I’m enjoying it.  I almost always have some un-stitching/repair to do after each quilt comes off the frame…but, hey!  it’s part of the learning process.  Right?

I admire every quilt I see that has feathers in it but they scare me silly.  I want to learn how to stitch beautiful, flowing feathers.  I’m not much for practicing on muslin.  I figure I should just bite the proverbial bullet and work on one of my many quilt tops.  If it doesn’t look great…it’s mine.  😉

The last quilt I took off the frame has “panto” feathers in it.  They turned out pretty nicely.  Since doing all the improvements on my frame’s tracking, panto’s are really easy to do now and following the feather lines was great practice.

I’ve watched several DVD’s by famous machine quilters and they “all” say to practice drawing feathers on a white board.  What????  I’m the person who doesn’t want to even practice on muslin.  Lol.  But I really want to do feathers and since it looks like all these quilters know what they’re talking about, I decided to just do what they say.

Well….I guess it really does make a difference.  After many sessions of drawing feathers, erasing them, drawing more feathers, erasing them, drawing more feathers…..stitching them almost seems natural!

I’m currently working on the quilt I designed to commemorate my 40th high school reunion and I wanted to put feathers in the wider framing section so I drew feathers with one of those erasable fabric markers to use as a guideline and I stitched.

Not Bad for a first attempt!

The celtic weave section has a loose, wispy type stitching in it.  The outer red border has a different wispy type stitching that occasionally has a single feather in it.

Celtic Weave corner

I think I’m really beginning to make progress.  One thing I’ve learned is that just because my machine will sew fast….doesn’t mean I should.  I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the process.  Here’s the EQ rendition of the quilt in case you don’t remember what it looks like.  I took the gamecock applique block out and totally made a new one.  I like it much better.

High School Memories

The blank squares and centers of stars have class mate signatures in them.  I’m quilting a free-form cloud around each name and then doing some echo stitching to fill in.  I couldn’t think of anything else to do.  Lol.

My bed is calling my name so I think I’ll grab some shut-eye.  If you’ve got suggestions for quilting the main portion of the quilt, please tell me what they are.

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  1. Your quilting looks really good. Someday I hope to learn on my little home machine.

  2. Quilting Tizzy

     /  August 22, 2011

    Thanks Billie. I’m learning. It’s surprising how much you can learn to do on our home machines. I love Leah Day and Wenda Coburn’s work. They both use home machines.

  3. Alicia

     /  August 22, 2011

    Love the design of your highschool quilt and the signatures

    • Quilting Tizzy

       /  August 22, 2011

      Thanks Alicia. It was fun to design and make because many of the elements have a meaning. I love signature quilts.

  4. Peggy

     /  August 22, 2011

    Sheryl your quilting is nice.I know we as the maker always see the mistakes, but unless you have judged a show most people don’t see mistakes. I love the quilting on the inner portion. I don’t think I have seen that pattern in the past.

    • Quilting Tizzy

       /  August 22, 2011

      Hi Peggy. Thanks for the compliment. The quilting in the celtic braid section is probably a mix of Carla Barrett and Sally Terry. It’s free-hand. The red border is free-hand a la Carla Barrett. I had forgotten I was working on Sally Terry feathers too.

      If you go to Sally’s site and sign up for her newsletter, on the thank you page there are 3 links for some of her designs. Well worth the newsletter sign-up!


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