Too Much Fun

My baby sister Vanessa drove me to New Orleans this morning.  Even though it’s been 5 weeks since my surgery, she didn’t think I should drive myself and to be honest…I still get tired so it was probably good.

We started out at Tulane and when we finished there we headed over to Mandina’s for lunch.  This is a great place to eat if you’re in New Orleans.  It’s old style New Orleans cuisine.  We had Crawfish Cakes for appetizer followed by their lunch special: cup of Shrimp Gumbo and 1/4 PoBoy.  I had the Shrimp PoBoy and Vanessa had the Oyster/Shrimp PoBoy.  This picture was taken with a cell phone but you can easily see we were enjoying ourselves.  That’s Vanessa on the left and me on the right.

Lunch time at Mandina's

As we were leaving, we stopped to see the actual water mark from Hurricane Katrina.  Now, that’s some deep water!

Hmmmm.....just a little higher than I am tall. OK....a lot higher.

From Mandina’s, we took Canal Street all the way to downtown New Orleans to Magazine Street.  If you go to the left, you’ll be in the French Quarter.  We went to the right and headed toward Audubon Park.  It is a wonderful little street to cruise.  It’s full of quaint, little antique shops and specialty stores along with restaurants & cafe’s everywhere.

We were on a mission to find this place called “Vom Fass”.  They sell flavored vinegars, oils, spirits, etc.  They call the vinegars “Balsam” vinegars but don’t use the term “balsamic” because they’re not actually fermented in the Balsamic region….I think that’s what she said anyway.  It is a wonderful place!

I spent way too much money and I thought as long as I was there, I should call my friend Beth to see if she *needed* anything.  So she spent some money too.  Happiness loves company…right?

These were the absolute nicest people!  I have a thing about going into shops/stores.  If I go into a shop and an employee is standing nearby…and they don’t speak or otherwise acknowledge that I’m in the store….they don’t get my money.   It only takes a second to greet someone.  It’s an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s day.  🙂  These ladies were wonderful to visit with while they prepared our purchases.

When you choose your “potion”, they take a little descriptive card and put it with the bottle of your choice so they know what you’re buying.   Then they write on the bottle what you’ve bought and how much the bottle holds.  Pretty neat.

My goodies

They let you taste everything they sell but the bottled spirits.  OK….so what do I have?

Waldburg Balsam Pear Vinegar…Judy….I really did think about getting you some but you have to pack so I didn’t.  I think this is my favorite one.

Waldburg Balsam Calamansi Vinegar…great on salads, fish, and veggies

Waldburg Cream Fig-Chili Vinegar…sweet fig flavor with tangy, hot chili…use on salads, grilled meats, CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.  I’m going to drizzle some over a bar of cream cheese and serve it with crackers.

Waldburg Balsam Pomegranate Vinegar…use on salads and I’m thinking it would be great drizzled over cream cheese

Waldburg Star Forest Raspberry Vinegar…oh my goodness!  Ok…so maybe this one is my favorite…drizzle over desserts or on meat dishes

Waldburg Star Fig Vinegar…yummy!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon….Oh yeah…use this on fresh asparagus or fish

Mango-Limes Cream Liqueur…This is very good! I love tropical/citrusy stuff.

Latte Macchiato Cream Liqueur..This is wonderful stuff and the owner says it’s fabulous over chocolate ice cream.

They have all sorts of bottles you can buy for your potions and the great thing is that you can bring your empty bottles back and re-use them.  They seal the corked bottles with a special tape to make sure you don’t spill before you get home.

The vinegars and oils are sold by the 100 ml. but you can buy smaller bottles and you only pay for what you get.  I’m pretty sure there are some of these that will warrant bigger bottles in the future.  If you don’t have a Vom Fass in your area, you can call the nice people in New Orleans and they will ship to you.

After purging my pocketbook, we headed home.   It was a great day!


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  1. beth

     /  June 2, 2011

    Okay you didn’t tell me about the cream liqueurs or you know I would have been all over that. I’ll call this afternoon when I’m on my way. Thanks again for letting me empty out my checking account. You are a great friend. :>)

  2. Quilting Tizzy

     /  June 2, 2011

    Well Sweet Stuff….I hadn’t found those yet when I talked to you. Lol. I’m looking forward to seeing you this afternoon and it was my pleasure to help you spend your money. 😉

  3. My friend in Lake Charles . . you’ve probably heard me mention Eileen . . her son-in-law is a district manager for Vom Fass! I knew they had opened a store in N.O. because Eileen had gone down to spend some time with them when they were there. I’m glad you didn’t get anything to send me but some day when you’re feeling better, we need to figure out a way to have a girls’ weekend in N. O. I’ll fly and y’all can make sure I get to all those wonderful old style N.O. restaurants! Thanks for reminding me that Vom Fass has those good vinegars. I can’t wait to try the cream fig – chili vinegar. Vince would LOVE that!

    • Quilting Tizzy

       /  June 3, 2011

      A girl’s weekend sounds good! I don’t do much night-life kind of stuff though. Lol.

      The cream fig-chili is a combination of the sweet fig vinegar and chili oil. I think it’s a special combination they made. It is really tasty but it has a little “burn” to it from the chili oil.

  4. Lyn Smith

     /  June 2, 2011

    Hi Sheryl,
    I live in Qld, Australia, & we visited N.O pre Katrina & loved it. It’s great to hear that it is recovering. Love the sound of the Vom Fass store, don’t think we have anything like that over here. I enjoy reading your blog. Pleased to hear you’re recovering well.

    • Quilting Tizzy

       /  June 3, 2011

      Thanks Lyn. You can tell that areas are being revitalized but there is years worth of work to be done. Some areas will never come back (in my opinion).

      Even with all the blight that remains, there is no where else on earth like New Orleans. 🙂


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