Chicks are Growing Like a Weed

And Other Garden Stuff….

We’ve moved the Light Brahma and Ameraucana chicks into one of the chicken tractors.  We put them into the tractor and realized they could just walk through the welded dog pen wire so we had to get busy and reinforce it with chicken wire.  The floor of the tractor is wire so nothing can dig in to get them.

For those who aren’t familiar with chicken tractors, they’re portable coops that can be moved around to give the chickens sun, shade, or fresh grass.  Some tractors have wheels but we just hook the real, red Mahindra tractor to the chicken tractor and pull it to a different location.

They’ve adapted well to their new home but the Brahmas are no longer curious about us and just run when we approach.  When they were in the small cage, they would run up to the sides to look at us and stretch their necks to get a better look through the top of the cage.  They would even try to nip our fingers through the wire.  They are growing so fast!

This is what they looked like less than a month ago.

Chicks on February 17, 2011

The Ameraucanas almost looked like baby Quail then.  This is what they look like now.


Ameraucana (they're the brown ones) & Light Brahma Chicks

See the cute feathered feet?

I’m really anxious to see these grow up.  The pictures  I’ve seen of grown hens are beautiful.   We’ve had so much rain today that we didn’t let the chickens in the big coop out into their yard.  They’ll be stir-crazy tomorrow if they can’t get out.

Not only are the chickens growing, but other things are growing as well.  We have blooms on the Persian Lime, peach trees, blueberries, and my Buckeye.  The Buckeye is a native Louisiana plant.  I got it last year at Spring Garden Day.  I was afraid it wasn’t going to make it but it’s looking great!

Buckeye-native to Louisiana

Peach blossoms

And our very own cabbage in the Square Foot Garden

The cabbage isn’t really that silvery in color.  It’s just a weird effect from the camera.

See you later!  I’ve got to get some sleep…if I can sleep.  I’ve got lots of stuff going through this feeble brain.



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  1. justquiltin

     /  March 9, 2011

    The chickens are too cute. I still want to know which one you named after me. LOL It’s nice to see spring blooms – even tho when I walked outside here this morning there was a 4″ or so of snow that had fallen over night. It was pretty tho – the wet fluffy stuff that coated all the tree branches into a winter wonderland.


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