I Love This “Line Tamer” Ruler

I think I’ve already said that a few times, huh?  I just found another reason to love it.

I’ve put the binding on quilts while still on the frame maybe 3 times.  I got it done each time but it wasn’t my favorite way to pass time.  I wasn’t ready to give up though.

I had a hard time getting a good seam allowance on the edge of the binding even if I didn’t trim the sides too close.  🙂

I finally got the quilting finished on “Bears in the Penthouse” last night.  This is #10 on my UFO list and was the number Judy L. drew for February.  Let me tell you….it is “heavily” quilted.  Lol.

I cut the binding strips, sewed them together and pressed them.  Then I decided I’d try to do the binding on the frame, but this time I’d use the “Line Tamer” to see how it works for binding.

It was wonderful!  When you put the “Line Tamer” in place, it not only holds the binding down for stitching but it keeps the hopping foot where it needs to be.  When I tried stitching binding using the 1/4″ ruler, I had problems keeping my hopping foot in the proper place for stitching so my seam allowance would get wonky and I would have to go back and do a lot of stitch-overs.

This was so nice.  I had to re-stitch in a couple places but with a little practice, I can see this will work very well.  I would have never tried binding on the frame if not for Kim Brunner’s great instructions.


"Line Tamer" positioned over the binding and edge of quilt.

Mitered Corner

I’ll probably try some other rulers and templates now that I’m getting used to using one.  Ruler work is fun!

I still have to connect the ends of the binding on my Singer 301 but that will only take a few minutes and then I’ll finish trimming the batting away and can start stitching the binding down.

I think I’m going to make a custom label for the back of the quilt using some of the fabrics to frame a piece of muslin.  I should get it finished by Monday night.

“Midnight in Pennsylvania” will go on the frame later today and I’ll do a pantograph or free-motion overall kind of design on it.  No custom work for that one!  I just don’t have enough time between now and the last day of this month!

Faiths birthday party is this afternoon at Tutti Frutti in Hammond so we’ll be having frozen yogurt.  Yummy!  It’s an Auburn theme party.  Her mother (Vanessa) made a cake for her yesterday and put an Auburn logo on top of the cake.  It looks pretty good (and the cake is good too).

Chris will be wearing his Auburn shirt.  I’m so sad….I don’t have one to wear.  😦  Oh well, I’ll just drown my sadness in FroYo.


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  1. becky r

     /  February 26, 2011

    I’m curious about which machine you use for your long arm quilting. I’m beginning to see an advantage about owning one so that’s my interest. This ruler definitely has a lot of advantages as you’re working on this quilt.


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