Another Trip To Mandeville

It doesn’t take a lot to make Chris happy. It’s the time of year when we have to get his annual paperwork done so he can continue to receive services that allow him to participate in a work program. We saw his MD Tuesday in Denham Springs and took care of the paperwork and also had his TB skin test administered. That’s a requirement of Options for all their clients. We’ll go back to the Doc tor Friday to have the test read.

I’ve mentioned here how much I like FreeCycle and similar groups. Chris is an avid Saints fan and someone on Northshore FreeUse in Mandeville was giving away sets of newspapers from the Saints Super Bowl run last year. They were giving several sets away and I was fortunate enough to secure a set for Chris but I didn’t tell him about it because he would have driven me stark, raving mad until we went to get them.

All he knew is that we were going to Mandeville to pick something up. You should have seen his face when I handed him the bag. It was pure joy. It was definitely worth the trip just to be able to share that moment with him. He had begged me to get papers last year as they came out and I didn’t do it so now he has his own set.

New Orleans Saints Win Super Bowl

Since we were already there and it was lunch time, it seemed like a good idea to eat lunch at New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Company. It was a perfectly beautiful day so we ate on the patio. We ordered a Shrimp Po-Boy and an Oyster Po-Boy and we split them. They were delicious!

Oh, and Congrats to the Packers for their Super Bowl win this year. It was a great game!

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