Bucket List Week Four

I can’t believe I’m already on Week #4 of The Bucket List.  Where is the time going?

I’ve been busy doing some internet research and just wanted to share this site with you.  You may know about Patsy Thompson but did you know what a terrific site she has?

She offers so many free motion quilting designs.  I was amazed at her generosity.  Tonight, I’m watching a few of the videos she has on this page:

Patsy Thompson

With dial-up it takes forever to download video’s so I have to hope I don’t lose my connection during the process.  So far, I’ve watched her beginner tutorial #1.  I’m getting ready to watch #2 and then I’ll have to wait for #3 & #4 to download.  I’ll watch them tomorrow.

I haven’t done any machine quilting myself since I finished the Jan. UFO’s but I did show Vanessa how to load a quilt and use the Juki.  She’s got one more pass to go on her quilt and she will be finished!  She’ll do that tomorrow afternoon after work and then she’ll load Bears in the Penthouse on the frame.

She’s done a simple meander and it looks pretty good.  She learned an important skill.  Her borders were wavy so she quilted them more densely than the center of the quilt and the the heavier quilting compacted the borders more than the center so now the borders lay nice & flat.   I’m proud of her!  And even though I’m not practicing myself I’m still learning by helping her.

I certainly don’t feel qualified to teach machine quilting but helping my sister is different.  🙂  I’ll be back later.  My pillow is calling!

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