Week Two Bucket List Update

I’ve got the Tea Cup quilt (UFO #6) loaded and have done the top border and the first 2 rows. There are 5 more rows to go.  I think I’ll get one more row done tonight and then I’ll see if I can finish hand stitching the binding on Card Trick.

I want to share that I absolutely love the TOWA bobbin gauge!  OMG…I could have saved myself so much grief fretting over threads and tension.  This thing is like magic!

You already know my Bucket List challenge declaration for this year is to become a better machine quilter.  I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way.  I’ve been studying the DVD’s I have and checking out some sites to see what I can learn.

I asked for suggestions about how to quilt this thing and on the HomeQuiltingSystems list, Shelley suggested that I do a ribbon meander inside each block, outline each block, and do a scroll design in the sashings.  She is a genius!  I’m using her suggestion and so far it’s looking fairly good.  Still lots of room for growth but you never get there if you don’t give it a try!  Right???

Top border and 2 rows finished

She referred me to this page which started a whole journey through Carla Barrett’s blog. This is one incredibly talented quilter!  She’s got some great free tutorials on her blog so take some time to look around.

After looking at Carla’s tutorials about feathers, I thought “I can do that” until I went to the frame and looked at the quilt and froze in fear.  Lol.  We dug out our white board and I practiced a bit on it but it’s too big to work with unless it’s on the wall.  Tomorrow, we’ll probably run to town to get a smaller one that I can hold in my lap and work with.

After I wimped out on feathers, I decided that Dawn Ramirez’s   “Fern Ziggle” would be a good border and I think I’m really going to like it.

One thing I’m having to learn to do (probably before I should try it), is to scroll the quilt back and forth to be able to complete designs.  My throat space limits the stitching area but I like patterns that are deeper than that so I’m learning to scroll.  It’s not so hard but takes some extra time.

I’m also being forced to learn how to do ruler work in order to outline the blocks.  I have a small ruler base and ruler I bought from someone online.  It works pretty well.  The hardest part is to learn to hold the ruler securely but not so tightly that the machine can’t move. Even with the ruler, my stitch in the ditch isn’t great.  Lol.

I was having a horrible time with ugly starts/stops and little bunches of thread.  I learned a tip from someone in the group….start with the needle in the up position!  She said it worked better for her than needle down.  I gave it a try and it’s great!  It might not work with your machine but you can always test it.

So, that’s where I am today in this Bucket List/UFO challenge.  Oh…one more thing…I joined QNN tonight.  For only $24/year I’ll get access to all their quilting shows and there’s a special section for machine quilters!  I’ll have to go to Vanessa’s to use her high speed connection to be able to watch them.  No affil….just glad I joined!


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  1. Danette

     /  February 11, 2011

    I LOVE QNN. I still subscribe to it. When I first started quilting, I watched each teacher continously. Funny, first Eleanor Burns was my hero (since I couldn’t even piece well), then it was Fons & Porter, and then I discovered other teachers I liked. Really great website!


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