Day 2–The Bucket List

I spent more time today playing and trying different threads.   It looks like the bobbin thread tension my Juki likes is 60-70 according to the TOWA.  I was using So Fine top & bottom and the tension looked pretty good.  I was using stitch length #5 on the Grace Sure Stitch.

Then I tried King Tut on top and So Fine in the bobbin.  I used the same TOWA number and I could see that the top thread was coming through to the underside of the quilt so I tweaked the top tension a bit.  The tension looked better.  I was still using the same Sure Stitch setting but these stitches look just a little long to me.  Since that’s the default setting when you turn it on, I figured there must be a reason for that so I’ve never changed it except to baste.

I changed the bobbin to one of those pre-filled bobbins (don’t remember the name) and I checked with the TOWA.  I didn’t have to change the bobbin tension at all.  I still got pretty even stitches but they were still a little longer than I think I would like.

Remember the Thread Art the Juki kicked to the curb?  I decided to try it on top and left the bobbin unchanged.  Guess what?  It looked great!  So I got brave and changed the Sure Stitch setting to #6 which is a tad bit shorter stitch.  It was really nice!

Feeling almost invincible (I know…dangerous), I tested a bobbin filled with Thread Art and realized that the bobbin is a poorly wound bobbin so I tossed it to the side and put a different one in.  You can easily tell because as you pull the bobbin thread through the guide, the indicator needle swings wildly if it’s wound badly.   I made the necessary bobbin tension adjustment to get the TOWA between 60-70.

I did a test run of stitching and got out my mirror & flashlight to check the back of the quilt.  On my!  It was nice!  Really nice!  Top & bottom really nice!  I am so impressed with the TOWA.  It was a little pricey I think but it is so worth it.

So, I’m headed back to the quilting room to find a piece of batting for the quilt I’m ready to load.  The backing is already loaded.  I did that earlier this evening.  I have to break up those stand-up kind of tasks.  I’m having a little issue with a nerve in my back and don’t tolerate long periods of standing.

I’ve got layouts printed so I can pencil in how I want to quilt it.  I’ll let you know how this quilt turns out and maybe even post a photo.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Very cool idea. I have not thought of creating a “personal quilting Bucket List” before. Creative and fun! I recently started my own bucket list using the website:

    Pretty cool site. It’s free and easy. You can even login using Facebook. In any case, hope your quilting bucket list goes well!

  2. I use a lot of So Fine in the bobbin on the HQ and love it. I use King Tut on the top…when I have the right colors.

    • Quilting Tizzy

       /  January 21, 2011

      I may start using the So Fine in the bobbin. I’ve got several colors of that and have a couple colors of Bottom Line. King Tut has gorgeous colors!


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