It’s a New Year

and of course I’m starting off….behind as usual.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year.  I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions because I so seldom keep them.  I like to call my planned efforts “goals”.  It sounds more purpose-driven and hopefully will get better results for me.

One of my goals is to write down 3 things I want to get done the next day before I go to bed.  Borrowing Judy’s idea, I hope I’m going to get some much-needed things done this year.  Another goal is to make more regular posts here on my blog.

One of my biggest goals is to downsize my stash, books, supplies, and vintage quilts.  I’ll be giving some of these things away at guild meetings as door prizes and will probably try to sell some other things.  I want my house back!  Lol.

A goal that Don and I are working on together is to get my stuff into a quilt studio.  We’re converting our barn into the studio.  The concrete for new flooring in the large room and kitchen/bath has been poured today.  I’ll tell you more about that in a different post.

I’m doing Judy L’s UFO Challenge. I’ve made my list….actually 2 lists.  I have a list of UFO’s I want to finish and a list of quilt tops ready to be quilted.  Each list is numbered.  Each month when Judy draws a number, I’ll work on that UFO and quilt/bind the corresponding quilt top.  As I work on each one, I’ll tell you more about it.  Here’s my current (revised) lists:


1. Burma Shave---needs borders


2. In The Swim of Things--swap blocks (EQ rendition)


3. Eye of the Storm -- needs borders


4. All Stacked Up---needs borders

5.  Lavender 4-Patch Stacked Posies—in progress—No Picture (HD Designs pattern)

6. Tea Cup print 4-Patch Stacked Posies---in progress (HD Designs pattern)

7. LHS Reunion Quilt---needs borders

8. Chart Your Course---in progress (EQ rendition)

9. I Wanna Be Loved Bayou---swap blocks

10. Thimbleberries Row x Row—needs assembly–No picture.

11. Cajun Chickens---swap blocks

12. Don’s family signature quilt—blocks made–No picture

Quilt Tops ready to be quilted/bound:


1. Cajun Twister


2. Nifty Fifty VIII (Louisiana block)

3. You've Got That Celtic Feeling

4. Toast to Texas

5. It's Not VooDoo...It's Merely Mysterious

6. Card Trick Big Block Quilt (EQ rendition)

7. Millennium Time in a Bottle (EQ rendition)

8.  Wild Card (personal choice)–No picture

9. Feedsack Delight


10. Bears in the Penthouse


11. Young Man's Fancy Big Block Quilt (EQ rendition)

12. Twenty Plenty–No picture

I just checked Judy’s blog and see that I missed her drawing of the first number for this challenge.  She drew #6 so that means I will:

finish UFO #6—Tea Cup fabric 4-Patch Stacked Posies quilt


Quilt/Bind #6—Card Trick Big Block quilt

I know where the Card Trick quilt is…I just have to find the Tea Cup stuff.  😉  I think I need to start looking.  I don’t remember how many blocks I have made yet but I’d better get it in gear.


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  1. justquiltin

     /  January 4, 2011

    Oh dear – you just reminded me of so many projects I need to finish too. 🙂 My eye of storm needs quilting, as does Toast to Texas, Voodoo, Celtic Feeling, Nifty Fifty, one of the perfume bottle swaps and one or two four patch posies quilts. Then there’s the Bayou swap blocks I haven’t put together yet, chickens from TQP swap to get set together. Wouldn’t you like to finish mine while you’re finishing yours????

  2. Quilting Tizzy

     /  January 6, 2011

    Sure sweetie. Just send them on down. NOT. ;-p


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