Some Things Really Tick Me Off

I’m a Master Gardener and get e-mail from LSU and their extension service.  I’m one of the people in our group that logs volunteer hours into the computer for people who don’t have computer access.   I was assigned a password in order to do that so on some level I must be a trustworthy person.  Sometimes I need to be able to *send* e-mail to someone at LSU or the extension office….BUT….LSU has evidently signed on with a group that calls itself “Barracuda Reputation”.

For what ever reason, Barracuda has determined that my IP address has a  “poor reputation” and is a spammer.  What?????  I’m not a business that sends out hundreds of messages to clients.  I’m not a spammer.  I am one person and I send mail from a *personal* account.  If I am indeed a spammer (as they say), then why have I never received a spam message from me to me at one of the multiple e-mail addresses I use.  I do belong to several groups on Yahoo so is that why I’ve been blacklisted????  Have they blacklisted the “” domain?  or the “” domain or the “” domain or the “” domain?

Barracuda is kind enough to allow you to file a form asking them to fix it but that only lasts for 48 hours because it’s not in their best interest to let you off so easily.  Here’s why:

According to some research I’ve done, Barracuda owns the company (EMAILREG.ORG) they boot you to in order to “register” your domain and be removed from their blacklist for one year.  It costs $20 per domain per year for that to happen.  If you don’t ante-up, you’re back to square one.

Can you say “EXTORTION” !!!!!

I know businesses are desperate to prevent spam from flooding their in-boxes but guess what folks?  Anyone (including real spammers) can register their IP address and pay the $20 annual fee to be white-listed…so a business or e-mail company who pays to utilize Barracuda isn’t really protected from receiving spam is it?

Am I mad about this?  I’ve been trying not to say the word but here goes:  I’m pissed off!!!

If Barracuda can make $20/year from each IP address it sounds pretty good for them don’t you think?  So what happens when other anti-spam companies decide they want a piece of the pie.  They’ll just set up their own version of to extort fees.  Where does it end?  I have to wonder how many private/personal e-mail addresses have been affected like mine have.

Do a Google search for “ reviews” and you can find several sites that talk about Barracuda and their arm-twisting, money-grabbing tactics (ok…maybe worded a little strongly, but remember that I’m po’d about this).

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