Still Not Great

Thanks everyone who has written regarding these blasted Shingles.  They *are* getting better and I’m able to get out for short periods but for the most part I stay at home so I can lie down when they start burning/itching too badly.  I guess on the traditional pain scale, I would be at a 2-5 depending.  I can tolerate the appropriate upper body undergarment (read…bra) for about 2 hours and then it’s over.  Going without in public is *not* an option.  🙂

I can work at the computer for a while and then I have to lie down.  It makes pattern writing challenging to say the least.

I guess lying down takes away the pull of gravity. Surely this will be over soon.  I’ve already canceled my trip to Houston for the big quilt festival as I can’t even think about being on a bus trip and away from home with no way to rest.  That was a difficult decision to make but there’s no point in making everyone else miserable just because I am.

I visited the “Girls” for a few minutes to gather eggs and Blanche promptly flew up onto my left shoulder.  I was afraid she would try to get on the right side (where it hurts) so I petted her, told her what a good girl she is and came back to the house.

I’m headed to the sofa for a rest.  Hopefully I’ll be back later today with one of the border options for Chart Your Course…but no promises!  🙂

Take care everyone and if  you’re over 60 please talk to your doc to see if he/she thinks you should have the Shingles vaccine.

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  1. justquiltin

     /  September 25, 2010

    Glad to hear you’re getting better!

  2. Please set me on your list for mysterie Quilts.
    Greeting Guilitta


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