Chart Your Course Show-n-Tell

I’ve gotten a few pictures that I want to share with you. These quilts are coming along nicely.

I want to see what you’re doing but….When you send pictures to me….please…please….please….do NOT send large files. Send only one picture per e-mail. Your whole e-mail should not be over 500kb. My connection is not high-file-size-friendly. I’ve gotten some “truncated” messages which means they’re larger than my file size is set for therefore they don’t download. I want to see what you’re sending! 🙂

If you aren’t sure how to tell the size of the picture you’re sending…open the folder where your picture is….hover the cursor over the thumbnail of the picture and it should tell you the size. Here’s an example:

Image File Information

See that little white box? When I hover my cursor over that block, the little white box appears. If it is over 500kb it is too big to send to me.

There is an excellent free image program you can download to resize your pictures and decrease your file size. Irfanview is a great one. You can even do a Google search for tutorials that show you how to do this.


You can also see your message size by writing the message and then saving it as a draft. Just look in your draft folder and you’ll see the message size there with your message.

Now, that’s out of the way…here’s a little eye candy.

Balinda Washington (from Maine, I think)

Myrlene's Medallion

Patsy's Andries Medallion

Danette Mollere's Clues #13, #14, #15

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  1. Chuck

     /  September 7, 2010

    hey, you can use Binfer to send pictures. No need to compress them.

  2. how cool everyone’s blocks are looking! I love the idea of building your own quilt like you set thid one up. You have such neat ideas!


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