Faith’s Eggs

Mother and Faith came over today so we went to visit the girls.  Poor babies….DH didn’t let them into their yard this morning so they were anxiously waiting for me to open the gate.  As soon as the gate opened, they flooded out into their yard.   They’ve got holes dug for dusting off and two of the Americaunas immediately took possession of one.  A third tried to join them but they weren’t having any of that.

Getting Our Dust On

Lest you think we mistreat our girls…they get plenty of fresh air and sunshine from inside the coop.  Half of the coop has tin walls and the other half is chicken wire reinforced with welded wire so there’s plenty of air movement and light.  They’re in heaven though when they can get out into their yard.  It’s actually a pre-fab 10 x 10 x 6 dog pen with a covered top.  I wish we could let them free-range during the day but we have too many predators around for that to happen.

Faith was under the impression that I would let her wear gardening gloves to get eggs.  NOT.  I told her she had to get the eggs and then she could wash her hands after we got back to the house.

Faith's Two Eggs

Chris found another brown egg later in the afternoon so that makes at least 3 Black Stars that are laying now.   No green or white eggs today.

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