What’s Growing in the Garden Today?

Things are coming along in the garden.  DH planted okra, yellow/zucchini squash, canteloupe, watermelon in the traditional garden.  The square foot gardens are growing and looking good.  The collard greens he planted back in the winter are going to seed and we’re going to harvest those seeds to see if we can start some from scratch.  See those little pod thingies?  Those are the seed pods.  We should have a gazillion seeds!

Collards going to seed

From the multitude of different seeds we planted week before last, we’ve got lots of little sprouts coming up.  There are a ton of little broccoli plants and a respectable number of cauliflower plants.  We’ll be dividing these and transplanting them into little pots this week.  Want some Beth?  Chris brings home the 4 and 6 packs they discard from work so they’re perfect for transplanting babies.

Cauliflower on left--Broccoli on right

At our Southern Samplers Quilt Guild annual Christmas party, good friend Yvonne I. gave me some seeds she bought while on vacation.  They were for a rainbow assortment of Carrots (Purple Dragon, Yellow, White Kutiger, and Nutri-Red) and some red lettuce.  The carrots came from Whatcom Seed Co.  Here’s what they look like now.

Red Lettuce in front--Carrots in back

And then there are the baby tomatoes sprouted from old seed packets someone gave away at a Master Gardener meeting last year.  I’m surprised that so many are coming up!  There are Roma tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, and an Heirloom tomato assortment.  If all of these make it, we’ll have tomatoes galore!

Baby Tomatoes

My Mother and Dad had a miniature rose planted in their yard back in Alabama.  Daddy is gone now and Mother lives here in south Louisiana with my baby sister, Vanessa so Mother gave it to me and it seems to love where it’s planted.  The blossom is not much bigger than a quarter.

Miniature Rose

Mother also gave me all the Hosta from their back yard.  We planted them in a row to outline the only flower bed we have at this time.  There weren’t that many Hosta plants but they have multiplied!  This is their 3rd Spring here.  They are lovely.   I love jigsaw puzzles and get a daily puzzle in my inbox.  You can create your own puzzles at JigZone so I thought I’d make a puzzle of the Hosta photo.  Hope you enjoy it!

Click to Mix and Solve

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  1. Mysika

     /  April 21, 2010

    Hey Sheryl!! I got a few things growing at the moment. My tomatoes,cucumbers, chives, and strawberries are planted in the ground ( I live in Ca. so our weather is a little milder than other places.) I didn’t get to do lettuce or broccoli like I wanted, but, next year!! I haven’t had a garden for a super long time and we moved to a place that now has a yard!! Whoohoo!!
    I have some herbs growing too. Sage, thyme,dill,basil, rosemary, chocolate mint, and spearmint. I have corn, watermelon and green beans in the little greenhouse growing.I have some roses out in the front yard already. I planted wildflowers around two trees and a big area in the front yard also a small patch in the back so that my veggies will have nice company! Did you want me to sen some pics too? 🙂 Have a great day!!


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