Rose Freak

I think I’m becoming a “Rose Freak”.  I’ve always loved roses but was too afraid to try to grow them.  I finally decided I would never see if I could do it successfully until I gave it a try.  We had to go to Denham Springs yesterday so I called Mother to see if she wanted to go along for the ride.  We drove on to Baton Rouge to Lowes and checked out their nursery department.  They have several roses I would just love to have but we didn’t buy any.

Naylors isn’t far from there so we headed on over.  Mother found a pot of Golden Pothos she had been searching for to go in an adorable teapot planter.  I told her “Happy Mother’s Day”.  Lol.

We also found some Lemon Verbena, Bronze Fennel,  and Stevia.  I don’t do much cooking with herbs but maybe I should learn.  🙂  I’m mainly interested in attracting butterflies with them.  The Lemon Verbena is *divine* !!!!

I also found an adorable variegated Iris.  If I weren’t so lazy today I’d go take a photo of mine but instead, here’s a link to a site with some pics of the Iris.

Variegated Iris

So now…back to roses.  Naylors had the yummiest smelling, picture perfect, pink rose I’ve ever seen.  Yep…I had to bring it home with me.

"Perfume Delight" Hybrid Tea Rose

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  1. I decided to grow roses this year too! I just bought some ladybugs in a container and let them out around my roses to eat all the aphids and it worked. Happy Gardening!


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