A Beautiful Weekend

It was so busy around here this past weekend.  I headed out early Saturday morning to Hammond Feed & Seed for their annual Customer Appreciation Day.  Tootie, Beth, and I manned an info table for Master Gardeners.  We mostly visited and enjoyed the lovely weather and flowers that were for sale.   HFS provided a great BBQ pork lunch complete with yummy baked beans and delicious cole slaw along with cake and cold sodas.

Beth bought a fabulous new rose while we were there.  It’s called “Easy Does It”.   It has the most beautiful buds and the open blooms are to die for.   Here’s where to find info about the rose and a picture I took today of the rosebud (now open) she gave me:

Easy Does It

Easy Does It Floribunda Rose

We closed our table about 1pm and I spent the rest of the day working in the yard with Don and Chris.   We decided where to plant the citrus trees and Don got started on those.  They’re in front of that 6′ chain link fence across the front of the pond.  🙂  He finished up yesterday after planting:

3 Meyer Lemons_____1 Persian Lime

2 Navel Oranges_____1 Kumquat

6 Satsumas________1 Fuyu Persimmon

and a red Buckeye (ornamental).

Louisiana Citrus

We’ve still got 2 Mayhaw trees, 3 Blueberry bushes,  3 Huckleberry bushes and a Eucalyptus to get planted.  We have to wait until after the berries are ripe and have been picked on the Blueberries and Huckleberries to plant them or we risk losing the berries.

Chris and I divided white Butterfly Ginger, peach Ginger, and another Ginger (I think it’s yellow…Chris says it’s red).  We planted lots of seeds in trays and are hoping for good results for transplanting to the Square Foot Garden (we now have 2):  Roma tomatoes,  Beefsteak tomatoes, Chives, Parsley, Broccoli, Cauliflower,  Heirloom tomato mixture and some seeds good friend Yvonne picked up for me while on vacation:  Purple, Orange, Yellow, and White Carrots and a red Lettuce variety.

We transplanted Cypress tree seedlings into larger pots.  The seedlings came from the edge of our pond.  We pulled the encroaching weeds from the Hosta.  I pruned the variegated Pittosporum.  Chris is going to take some of those cuttings to Options to see if they can successfully root them.  We’ll see what we can do with the other cuttings.

We also planted 4 herb gardens in containers with a wide variety of herbs.  I’ve never had an herb garden before.  The closest I came was to buy pots of Basil from WalMart because it was more cost efficient (ok…cheaper) to do that than buy those itsy, bitsy packages of basil in the grocery store.

Herb Garden

We’re tired!

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