More Babies

Chris and I made a wild dash to Hammond Feed & Seed yesterday afternoon.  Why such a rush?  The chicks had come in!  If you don’t get there soon after they arrive, there’s nothing to choose from.

We bought 6 each Ameraucanas and White Leghorns.  The Ameracaunas look almost like chipmunks with feathers and I believe these are Silver Ameraucanas.   They lay green/blue eggs.  The White Leghorns are the yellow ones.  They will have white feathers when they grow up.  They lay white eggs.  So now we have chickens that lay brown, green, and white eggs.

Leghorns & Ameraucanas

They seem to have easily mixed with the Black Stars (Black Sex-Links).

Dinner & Conversation

Dinner & Conversation

Someone that Don works with told Don he fooled his wife into eating the real eggs by swapping them out for the store eggs.  I let him know that wasn’t a real good idea.  😉

Baby Ameraucana

I’ve been busy looking at coops online and reading as much as I can.  It might have been a good idea to have done this part first but I don’t usually operate in such a sensible manner.  🙂

Here’s a great online source for practically everything you ever wanted to know about chickens and they have loads of coops to look at.

BackYard Chickens

Until later!

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