Excessive Shipping Fees

Mini Rant Ahead….cover your eyes if necessary.

I know it costs businesses money to ship things to customers.  I certainly don’t have a problem with paying the cost of postage and I don’t even mind a “reasonable” handling fee…depending on what is being shipped and its size.

What I do mind is companies adding astronomical fees onto the actual shipping.  That’s just plain wrong.

I have a Grace frame with a Juki on it for frame quilting.  This week I ordered the Gracie Laser to add to my carriage to make pantograph stitching easier.  I chose the least expensive method of shipping offered (or at least I think it was the cheapest) which was the “medium” box flat rate via USPS.  The shipping charge I paid was $11.97.

When I picked the box up at the post office…it was in a “small” flat rate box and it cost them $4.85 to send it to me.  I paid 2+ times (over $7 more) the actual shipping to have this tiny little thing mailed to me.    There wasn’t even any padding inside the mailer.

To say I’m disappointed would be to put it mildly.  I realize times are tough for businesses but times are tough for all of us.  Is this the new business norm?  It’s a good way to drive away customers.  I did email the owner and will wait for a reply.

The laser was on sale for $10 off retail….

Not much of a sale was it?

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  1. Peggy

     /  March 26, 2010

    What is really sad is they even use a free box. I would be complaining loud and clear. The person who packed the box just tossed the item in and sealed it using the postal glue on the box. I bet that person if an employee would be paid the same amount if there was a box to ship or not.

    The company should be thanking you for not actually using their name in your blog!

  2. Quilting Tizzy

     /  March 26, 2010

    That’s exactly how they sealed it. It’s a good thing the postal glue is strong. I always add a piece of tape when I mail something.


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