BerryPatch Quilt & Art Expo

was last Saturday in Ponchatoula, LA.  (Warning:  This is a long post)

The day started out looking like thunderstorms but it turned out to be a beautiful day!  Quilts were hanging from balconies and store fronts in downtown.  My friends at BerryPatch Preservation for Quilting & Visual Arts did a wonderful job!  Thank you Charlotte, Doris, and Danette and all your devoted helpers for all the work you do.

The Community Center was awash with Hoffman Challenge entries, quilts made for Wounded Warriors, a wonderful exhibit by my friend Rhoda Jordan, Amish quilts, You’ve Got That Celtic Feeling mystery quilts and many more beauties.

Vendors were set up with lots of lovely quilty stuff for us to purchase.  I found a great pattern for a large tote.  It’s called Chubby Charmer by Penny Sturges for Quilts illustrated.  The photo on the pattern is adorable but the sample Bright Hopes Quilt Shop had made was the clincher for a sale!

Demo’s were presented hourly.  At noon, I gave a lecture based on my experiences with internet quilting.  I called it “Internet Quilt Junkie”.   Of course, hindsight is perfect and I can think of so much more I *should* have included in the lecture.  I showed somewhere around 30 quilts and quilted items.  There was a nice group of people in the audience and I think they enjoyed the lecture.

I was in nervous overload but somehow I made it through.  Thanks Myrlene for the water!  I wasn’t prepared for how dry my throat would be.  Don built a nice frame for us to hang the quilts from.  It sure did come in handy.  Thank you dear!

Yvonne loaned  her portable design wall to me so I could display blocks from various swaps.  The design wall was a wonderful thing to use!  Click on the link if you want to see one up close.

With the help of my sister Vanessa and son Chris we displayed blocks from swaps:

  • Halloween blocks
  • Red Hat blocks
  • Perfume Bottle blocks (designed by Deb Kauffunger)
  • Butterfly blocks
  • Louisiana themed blocks
  • Texas themed blocks.

Faith carried small pieces through the audience so they could get a close-up view.

Several weeks ago I asked for people to send blogs/sites they believe to be worth visiting.  I promised to post the hand-out for download for Great Blogs and Sites According To Sheryl so here it is.  Somehow the info for my own sites got left off the bottom of the hand-out so please download a new copy.  Please forgive.  🙂

If you submitted a a blog or site that didn’t get included…please remember I assembled the listing according to what my vision is of a great blog/site.  I posted that info here.

Here I am at the beginning of the lecture:

See the fear in those eyes?

See the fear in those eyes?

And here’s a photo a little further into the lecture:

Signature blocks

Signature blocks

These signature blocks were from the first internet swap I ever joined.  If I remember correctly, the swap was hosted by a lady in Montgomery, AL.  There’s no pattern for the quilt.  I just made it up and used the Square in a Square ruler with it.

Here’s DS, Chris on stage with swap blocks, Totally Tubular (Rita Hutchens) and  Blooming Nine Patch (Blanche Young) from online challenges with TQP members.


And a picture of me with the yet to be finished Eye of the Storm quilt top.  I’ve got a rope border planned for it.

Finally looking more at ease...

Finally looking more at ease...

That’s a good thing…the lecture was over!  🙂


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  1. justquiltin

     /  October 10, 2009

    LOL – yes I see the fear in those eyes in the beginning. Looks like it was a great presentation and I recognize some of those red hats and halloween blocks. 🙂

  2. Very nice blog! I started doing trunk shows for guilds in New England about a year ago and I truly understand the “fear in your eyes”! I think I am getting better at it and it helps to have a lot of quilts to show. Make sure you bring a lot of patterns and whatever else you have to sell and lots of hand outs! I sold out of my book and most of my patterns at my presentation and workshop last week!

    • Quilting Tizzy

       /  October 12, 2009

      Thanks so much for the nice note Cary. I haven’t started selling any of my patterns yet and have some ideas for books but I’m still in the planning stages. I need to get a good printer so I can print patterns with decent color. I’m going to check your site!

  3. Fabulous blog! and….never worry about lecturing. Just remember this….
    everyone out there thinks you’re the authority…on everything… just wing it!

  4. Beth Helfter

     /  October 14, 2009

    Such pretty quilts! I am sure you did fabulously. Like Deb said, don’t worry at all when lecturing – they do think you know all! In fact, the best advice a friend of mine gave me when I started lecturing was “Beth, just BS them. They don’t know!” It cracked me up and while I do try to give actual true info rather than BS, it did make me realize that everyone has something they can teach someone else. Good luck!


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