Exploring Louisiana—The Grand Isle Tour Part II

MapQuest is a wonderful thing.  You can get driving directions right from your own front door to your destination.  It gives directions, mileage, time for the quickest route unless you want a different one.  You can even add stops between.  I told MapQuest I wanted to travel from Hammond, LA to Grand Isle, LA.  I know some of  you who read my blog don’t have a clue where I’m really talking about so I’m going to show you.  This picture belongs to MapQuest.  If you want to see a larger map of the trip, you can try clicking on this link but I don’t know if it will work or not.


Hammond, LA to Grand Isle, LA

Don tells me the bridge I had labeled as Intercoastal Canal is actually the bridge across the Mississippi River so I’ll go back and correct that.  This is  a picture taken from the top of the real Intercoastal Canal bridge.  There are some large boats off in the distance.

View from top of Intercoastal Canal Bridge

View from top of Intercoastal Canal Bridge

As we drove along I kept noticing clumps of purple spikey flowers in the ditches.  When I couldn’t stand it anymore I made Don stop so I could get a closer look.  I don’t know what they are so I’m just going to call them “Purple Ditch Lily”.  I’ll post the proper name if someone points me in the right direction.   I tried to catch a picture of a bee pollenating them but the blasted things just wouldn’t stay still!

Purple Ditch Lillies

Purple Ditch Lillies

Close Up of Purple Ditch Lily

Close Up of Purple Ditch Lily

Not too far from the spot where I took these pictures, there was a lone crane out in the grassy field.  These fields are deceiving from a distance as they’re not  just grass.  They’re really marshy areas with water.

Lone Crane

Lone Crane

Just a few minutes away we came across these colorful, shrimp boats docked neatly.   I don’t remember exactly where these were.  Next trip, I’ll take a notebook with me!

Colorful Boats

Colorful Boats

I’ll end the pictures today with a view of the new toll bridge to Grand Isle.  We were told we had to purchase a pass to cross the bridge at one of the stores before we got to the bridge so we stopped in Galliano to ask.  No, we couldn’t buy it from their store…we had to buy them there at the bridge.  Well, guess what????  we didn’t see anywhere at all to stop to buy a token…no signs saying “buy your toll pass here”.  Supposedly there are “5 kiosks” where you can buy single toll passes but we never saw anything that said “buy your toll pass here”.  We saw several signs warning of the toll bridge but no info about how to take care of it.    We weren’t averse at all to paying the toll…we just couldn’t figure out how we were supposed to do that.  LOTD….this is terrible planning!  To say confusion abounds would be an understatement.

LA 1 Toll Bridge

LA 1 Toll Bridge

While writing this blog post I thought I should see if I could find any on-line info about this and discovered that people who don’t pay the toll have 48 hours to pay the fee or get a nice letter in the mail with a $25 fine attached.  Seems the way they track the people who use the bridge is to take pics of their vehicle tag.  Lucky for me, there was a phone number where I could call and pay the $2.50 fee and avoid the fine.  Do you think the person on the other end of the phone could tell I was a little ticked off????

So, here’s a link to an article about the new bridge and toll system and here’s the phone number (866-662-8987 (toll free)  and website where you can take care of your toll business.

We plan to take new road trips while we Explore Louisiana every month or two so if you think we should visit your part of Louisiana…post a comment and tell me where and why…include points of interest and especially good places to eat!

That’s it for today.  I’ve got to catch a nap for work tonight.


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  1. Rita Millican

     /  September 1, 2009

    Dear Sheryl–I love your blog. Read it every time. Makes me want to get
    off my lazy duff and travel Louisiana. I have my Celtic mystery quilt down to
    Clue 27. It is half sewn together, then I need to sew the borders on. Won’t
    be ready for tonight, alas!

    Rita Millican

  2. Chelsea

     /  September 20, 2009

    Haha, I’m looking for information on where to find these elusive kiosks right now! Thanks for the links.

    • Greg Green

       /  June 19, 2010

      Thanks for the inside info on the pass to Grand Isle. We’re going in July and don’t want to get a ticket. Why didn’t they just put two kiosks at the end of the bridge to make life simple?

  3. Missy Melancon

     /  May 29, 2011

    The purple ditch lilies are actually called water Hyacinth. Also they now have a building before the bridge that you can stop and pay the toll, I think you have to use a debit or credit card, also there are several stores that you can pay the toll.

    • Quilting Tizzy

       /  May 29, 2011

      I learned they’re Pickerel Weed. They’re really pretty. I’m glad to hear they have an easy place to pay the toll for the bridge. When we made our drive down there, the stores we stopped had no clue where we could pay the toll. 😦


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