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Exploring Louisiana

We’ve talked for a long time about visiting different parts of the state we live in.  We’re both transplants from Alabama so we never took Louisiana history and don’t know much about this part of the world that we live in.  We’ve been to New Orleans many times and I work in Baton Rouge but we haven’t ventured very far outside about an hour radius of our home.

Continuing with Chris’s birthday celebration today we decided to take our first “road trip” as we explore Louisiana.  We MapQuested the route  to  Grand Isle.  It’s about a 3 hour drive from Hammond and it’s a very picturesque route.  We went down I-55 and across  I-310S and then meandered over to Hwy 1S all the way to Grand Isle.

The interstate takes  you through watery pathways lined with tons of  Cypress trees.  Here’s a picture so you can see.  These are a little worse for the wear.  Our cypress trees are graceful and lush.  These have seen too many storms come their way.

Cypress Trees

Cypress Trees

Here we are going over the Intercoastal Canal Bridge….at least that’s what I think it is Mississippi River Bridge.  I should have written this stuff down.  🙂

Intercoastal Canal Bridge

Mississippi River bridge

If you never thought about where granulated sugar comes from…take a look at this field.  That bright green stuff that looks like a lawn  is sugar cane…lots of sugar cane…and there’s tons of fields of sugar cane in south Louisiana.

Sugar Cane field from a distance

Sugar Cane field from a distance

Here’s what the sugar cane looks like a little closer.  It’s tall and grassy.    The stalk is hard and is where the sugar is.  My Papaw Dorsey used to peel it for us when we were kids and we would chew on it until we got all the sweet juice and there was nothing left but woody pulp.  We’ve got a small patch in our old garden so Faith can enjoy it too.    Sorry that the picture is so dark.  It didn’t lend itself well to editing.

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane

There’s water everywhere you look….and bridges to cross the water…tons of bridges.  Here are 2 drawbridges…almost at right angles with each other.

Draw Bridge

Draw Bridge

Draw Bridge

Draw Bridge

I think this will do for the first part of this journey.  I hope you enjoy sharing our adventure with me.  There will be more pictures to come so stay tuned!


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