Some days I wonder

what people are thinking when they send so-called “invites” to their “friends”?????

It seems as if all I do is grumble but really….how much plainer should I make it?????

I don’t just dislike being spammed.  I despise it….especially when it comes from someone I think/thought was a friend????

What started this rant today?    I got home after work this morning to find an “invite” in my e-mail to join some kind of shopping club….sent on behalf of a friend.  Do friends really do that to each other?

Add that to the “that’s not nice folks” list.  When you give e-mail addresses to one of these places you’ve just given away someones right to choose whether to be spammed or not.  There are some people who love this kind of thing.  I’m not one of them and never have been and while I don’t like to say “never” to future things…I’m pretty sure I’ll never change my mind about it.

That’s just not nice.  I don’t do it.  I’d like the same courtesy please.  Rant over.


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