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Square Foot Gardening

We live in the country on several acres of land and have plenty room for a large traditional garden.  Don has struggled with the garden for several years and has spent a ton of money…not to mention all the hard work.  In the course work for Master Gardener last year, there was a segment on Square Foot Gardening (SFG).  It sounded like a good idea to me and I started talking to Don about it.  He has this really pretty, bright red tractor that he loves to plow and move stuff around with.  But he’s gotten tired of not getting a satisfactory return for his investment in that big garden.

Partially cleared spot for the Square Foot Garden

Partially cleared spot for the Square Foot Garden

One day he admitted that he thought we needed to try the SFG method.  Chris bought the book and I started reading and planning.  We started gathering our supplies and he brought over some old wood from the barn and started building the frame.  Here’s the spot where we decided to put this first SFG.

It’s partially cleared.  There’s lots more work to be done.

Don working on the frame

Don working on the frame

Here’s Don working on the grid.  That’s what makes it a Square Foot Garden.

Here’s the finished frame.  It’s filled with Mel’s Mix that we made ourselves.  Mel uses a 3 part formula…one part Vermiculite…one part Peat Moss…and one part of mixed compost.  The mixed compost is supposed to have at least 5 different kinds of compost.  We used cow manure, chicken manure, rabbit manure, organic humus, and mushroom compost.  Did you know chicken manure is wonderful for gardens?  Or that it can be hard to find?   We finally found a nursery (Naylor’s)  in Baton Rouge that carries it but they said sometimes they can’t get it.  A local farmer who has rabbits gave us manure from his pens.  This mixed compost should be rich, huh?  Who would have ever thought I’d even think about working with this kind of stuff???  Not me but maybe I’ve gone soft in my old age.

Our first Square Foot Garden

Our first Square Foot Garden

There’s still work to be done.  Lots more clearing.  We’ll clean it up real good around the frame and probably put down some landscape cloth and maybe some gravel to keep the path easy to use.  Here’s a couple of pictures you might enjoy.

Jet Kat...one of the Keepers of the Garden

Jet Kat...one of the Keepers of the Garden

Buttons...the other keeper of the garden

Buttons...the other keeper of the garden


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1 Comment

  1. gardengoodies

     /  June 23, 2009


    This is a little Twilight Zone-ish. I popped over from the Organic Gardening Group and saw your theme matched mine. Then I go down a little further and see your name is Sheryl…mine is Cheryl.

    That said, good luck with your garden!


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