Fabric Folding Project

I’ve got fabric all over this house.  The only rooms free of fabric are the bathrooms!  I’m not kidding. There’s even fabric in the kitchen.  Don has gotten used to it.  He had to.  🙂

About a month ago I read a blog that has a fabric folding tutorial on it and decided that might be a good way to re-organize my stash and re-claim some much needed space.  Here are the shelves I used for the first part of this journey.

Fabric shelf #1

Fabric shelf #1

I know this shelf doesn’t look very full but it’s untidy to say the least.  This is the top half.    Just in case you’re wondering…this fabric folding project fits right in with my Cleaning Tizzy (Part 2).  Here’s a picture of the top half of the shelf in the hall.  I bought these shelves when our wonderful local quilt shop closed a few years ago.   When I get one of them completely re-organized, I’ll show you what the whole shelf looks like.  Those short bolts are from DeNiece’s Designs.  I’ve got fabric on quite a few of those.  They’re nice but they take up a bit more room because of the ends of the panels sticking out.  I haven’t taken the fabric off those yet.

Top Half of Hall Shelf

Top Half of Hall Shelf

Here are 2 shelf units side by side on the east wall of our bedroom.  See, I told you it’s everywhere!

East Window Shelves

Top Half of East Window Shelves

Now, these don’t really look so bad but those bolts are taking up a whole lot of space.  I do like the way the fabric is so easily seen but I want more space.  I measured the opening of the shelves and they’re 9″ deep and 35.5″ wide.  I followed Ginny’s basic instructions but I used an 8″ ruler to wrap my fabric.

For every 5 layers of fabric, I have just over a yard so I can easily count the layers to see approximately how much fabric I have available.  In this picture, the fabric at the top of the stack has 17 layers (I’m not counting folds as you would on a bolt…just layers).  17 divided by 5 = 3.4 yards approximately.   If we want to get a tighter figure we can multiply 17  x  8″ to get 136″.  136″  divided by 36 = a tad more than 3.75 yards.  If it’s really important to know exactly how much is there…you can always unwrap and measure that particular piece.

Counting Layers

Counting Layers

I started out washing the unwashed fabric and decided it was way too much work so I printed labels that say “UNWASHED” to put next to the end of the fabric.  I’m going to store Unwashed separately from Washed.  And I’m going to try to make my upcoming quilts from either/or.  That way I can save some time.  If I need to mix fabrics, I can always wash what needs it.

Unwashed Fabric with Label

Unwashed Fabric with Label

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now and here’s pretty much what I’ve got to show for my efforts.  There are a few fabrics not on the shelves because they’re part of a grouping and I haven’t decided how I want to disply them yet.  Take a look!

Neatly folded and stacked fabrics

Neatly folded and stacked fabrics

This is the fabric from the first 3 pictures after being folded.  The Unwashed fabrics are on the left in the shelf with a few bolts.  Those are also unwashed.  The fabric in the shelf on the right is Washed.  I can get 3 stacks in each shelf.  I like that.    Click here to see Denise’s fabric folding project.


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