Oh, My Aching Tooth!

I’ve always had this incredible fear of going to the dentist.  I can’t help it.  It’s just there and no matter how hard I talk to myself pre-visit, I get “white-knuckle” syndrome while I’m in the chair.

Maybe it has something to do with being turned almost upside down in that chair that I don’t have a prayer of getting out of by myself.

Maybe it has something to do with the very first dentist my mother ever took me to.  I can vividly recall his smiling face complete with yellowed teeth (shouldn’t dentists teeth be white?)  looking at me.  Not that there was anything wrong with him, but that memory is forever stored in my memory bank (probably taking up space that should be used for other things).

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that whichever dentist I happen to be using at the time can never seem to completely numb my mouth before drilling so I  have to go through more injections not to mention the pain when the drill  aggravates a nerve.

Maybe I’m just plain koo-koo.  I know a lot of people who would agree with that.  Lol.

I’ve been through lots of dentists and just recently changed to a new one.  Why did I do that?  There wasn’t really anything wrong with the one I was seeing but DS, Chris started having trouble with his teeth last year.  Since he has disabilities, I was not overjoyed with the prospect of taking him to the dentist.  The last time we tried that Chris was in pre-K and the dentist had a meltdown because Chris wouldn’t be still for the injection of anesthetic.  It was hard to tell who was the child….dentist or Chris?  Needless to say we left that office and never went back

I called  the nurse at Options to talk to her about local dentists their clients use so we could choose one based on experience with special needs clients.  One of the dentists she mentioned just happens to be the DH of a quilty friend so that’s who we chose.  I was so impressed with how well he  worked with Chris.

He was so kind and really put both Chris and myself at ease.  Not to mention that he loves nature, grows fabulous Orchids in his office, and is a talented photographer. He even promised Chris if he did ok with his first real visit, that he would let Chris water his orchids!  And he followed through with his promise.

I figured if he could be that successful with Chris, maybe this would be a good move for me…not to mention his office is “latex free” and for a latex allergic person that’s pretty important.   My other dentists’ office wasn’t latex free.  So, I made an appointment and yesterday I kept that appointment.

I should preface this by admitting I’ve been having pretty severe tooth pain since January.  I thought it was a sinus infection affecting my teeth.  I went to one of those “doc in a box” clinics and was given an Rx for an antibiotic.  The teeth got somewhat better but I developed bronchitis so back I went and started a new Rx for Bronchitis…didn’t get better and I really, truly thought I was dying (even told DH I’m going to die before morning)….back to the clinic for X-rays, breathing treatments, and more Rx’s.

Things got better…Bronchitis finally cleared up and teeth were a little better but still not completely well…then it got worse….again.  Back to the clinic for another Rx….not much better after a week…back to the clinic for another Rx for 10 days….somewhat better but still not done.

So, now we’re at Dr. Rusty’s office and go through all the exam, X-rays, etc….I’ve got a bad tooth….no lie….  btw, he has excellent staff.

So now he tells me I’ve got to have a root canal and since this tooth just happens to be one of those that has 4 roots instead of the 3 roots  previously believed….I need to see an endodontic specialist.  Oh Joy!

It’s not Dr. Rusty’s fault.  Poor guy…he just had the misfortune of getting me as a new patient because he was so good with Chris.  😉

We set up the appointment for the 29th with Dr. Hebert and I was prepared to need another antibiotic in the interim but I got lucky.  Dr. Hebert’s office had an unexpected opening yesterday afternoon so they called me back and for the second time in one day (that’s a record for me), I was sitting in that upside down chair.  I’m thankful they made time for me.

Dr. Hebert was so sweet and caring and although it still wasn’t right at the top of my “best times” list, she successfully numbed my mouth….skillfully performed the root canal…and a day later, I’m pain free….and I was home in time to see Burn Notice.

Thank you Dr. Wilson and Dr. Hebert.


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