Can I Do This?

Judy asked what we have on our design walls.  I hate to admit it but I think this has been on mine for at least 2 years.  Lol.  I think her idea is to see if we can finish what’s currently there and put something different up in time for next week.  I could be wrong but I like the idea.  😉

So…. do you think I can do it????  I need to get a serious number of quilt tops and completed quilts done this year for the local expo in October.  I’ll be focusing on quilts made from Internet swaps and challenges.  Should be interesting, huh?  Remember the day I showed you all those swap blocks stacked up on my bed????  And that wasn’t even all of them!

WindowPaneSwapResizeThese are blocks from a swap on The Quilting Post a few years ago.  It was hosted by Barbara Carlson and I think it was called Window Pane.

The blocks were to be made from large scale floral prints and a WOW sashing.  It makes for a real nice water-color type quilt.

I’ve got the center section of the quilt sewn together but after looking at it from the camera’s eye, I can see I need to swap out some blocks.  I have more blocks so I’m going to have to get busy and find them and I’ll probably need to make a few more blocks too.

I think I’ll just trim off the sides to make them even instead of using setting triangles.  I need to get this all done by next Monday so I can post a pic of the finished quilt top.  I’m not even going to pressure myself to actually get the quilt finished although that would be a good goal.  Huh?

If you don’t like making on-point quilts but you love the effect, here’s a little tutorial to show you how you can take some of the stress out of the process.   Fretfreediagonal.   And if you look at my quilt on the wall, you can see that I’m using that method to put this one together.

Oh, and Judy….I don’t do the Q-tip thingie…way too much sugar for a dime.  ;-p  I gotta admit it though…you do inspire me!


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