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Not Everyone Has High Speed Internet

and I know it’s easy to forget that when people want to share pictures, etc. with their online friends.  I don’t have high speed. I can’t get DSL or cable. Satellite internet isn’t in our budget unless one of  you wants to pay for it lock, stock, barrel.

I’ve asked nicely for people not to send anything over 500kb to me.  I still get huge files via e-mail.    Unless I’ve asked to receive a large file….I don’t want it.  I try to keep a filter in place but sometimes I need to allow something to come through and I might forget to turn the filter back on.  I’ll take the rap for that but bottom line is that I’ve made numerous requests and it doesn’t seem to be working so I guess I’ll have to start blocking certain e-mails.  I hate to turn this into a rant but I can’t begin to say how frustrated I am.

While I’m on a rant…..let’s talk about forwarded e-mails.  I hate those….especially the ones that tell me that all my cats will perish…all my flowers will perish and I’ll never have any friends again and will probably end up in hell….if I don’t forward them to 987,000 more unsuspecting people.  That’s not nice folks!

Before I insult sensibilities here, let me get this out of the way….I *am* a Christian and totally respect your right to enjoy the messages that fall into that category and many of them truly are beautiful and inspirational….but… please don’t send them to me.  99.9% of the time, I’m going to delete any forwarded message without even opening it.    It doesn’t matter what the content is….it’s usually getting the big red “X” as soon as I see the word “forwarded” in the subject line.  Even if I did have high-speed…I wouldn’t want forwards.

There are a miniscule number of people that I accept forwards from.  My DH Don is one of those.  I have a couple of close friends that don’t get put in the corner but like me….they very, very, very rarely send “forwards”.

I realize this post probably won’t get the desired results either but at least it’s off my chest.   So in summary, here’s the gist:

If I’ve requested a particular file, it’s ok to send it.

Please don’t feel compelled to send a forward to me.  I really, truly don’t want it.

Please never, ever send anything over 500kb unless you have in writing (from me) that I want that file, pic, etc.

If you forward emails (please not to me)….at least clean them up before you hit the send button.  Delete everything but the meat of the message.  Don’t include everyone else’s e-mail address.  Publishing e-mail addresses all over the world really isn’t a nice thing to do.

Sending large files/forwards shouldn’t be done to friends or anyone else.  It’s certainly not good internet etiquette.  Let’s try to respect each other.   🙂


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  1. Carol

     /  May 20, 2009

    Hi Sheryl, I feel your pain lol! We have only recently been able to get DSL and for years I endured the same frustration of large files, forwards and the inablility to access you tube. Here’s hoping everyone will hear you and be kind – you deserve it! Hugs, Carol


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