Step 2 Judy’s Quiltalong

I’m running a tad behind posting my pics.  I had the HST’s all sewn and trimmed but didn’t have them pressed and the dog ears removed.  That sounded bad didn’t it?  On top of everything that delayed me, my ##@@&#@ slow, internet connection has created havoc with my getting this post completed.  I’ve already been working on it for about 5 hours.

I worked last night and was 2 hours late getting out of the hospital this morning.  I got an admit around 2:30 that required “lots” of care and my other patient was very similar so I could have used some roller skates but since I don’t skate….oh well.  After shift change  I was entering the admit assessment into the computer when all of a sudden, the mouse and keyboard stopped working.  The cursor flashed as it should but nothing would happen when I clicked the mouse and it totally ignored keystrokes.

If you’re a nurse who uses the computer for patient data this isn’t good.   I was almost finished when this happened.  No one in the unit could figure out what was going on and I was teasingly told several times:  “you broke it…you broke it really bad”.

The files don’t auto save so if you have to exit the program (which it also wouldn’t allow me to do) you’ve just lost all the data you’ve input and you have to start all over.  I’m told the system will soon be much easier to work with since we’re upgrading.

But in the meantime, this morning I had to call our IS department and no one was there so I left a message.  Then I called our computer help line and was on the phone with them when I got a return call from IS saying the Help desk couldn’t help with this issue.  Lol.  The next thing I know I have 3 people all standing over me trying to figure out what the heck is going on.  I backed away and they played with the mouse/keyboard and looked at cable connections and played some more.  It ignored them too.  So now, I’m not in such bad company right?  If the computer doesn’t recognize the professionals either, surely it doesn’t have  a grudge against me.  Right???

Long story short….they had to shut it down by another method and I had to start all over again.  The good part is I completed my work and even though I was late leaving I did get to come home.  Lol.

So, you’re wondering what this has to do with the posting of my HST’s arent’ you?  I didn’t get to bed until almost noon so I slept a long time and then spent some time with DH and DS before finishing the pressing of the little blocks.  Here’s the fruits of my labor but I’m reserving the right to change maybe the golden ones to a hot pink stripey stuff that is a companion to my other fabrics.

bearsinbarnhst2The one on the lower right is a bright olive rather than the drab color it appears to be.  The one I’m thinking about replacing with the hot pink stripey stuff is the gold TOT on the upper left.

That’s Marilyn, my lovely little, tan Featherweight.  I love to sew on her.

I named her Marilyn because she’s blond and beautiful.  🙂

Those are stacks of 48 each HST’s.

Are you doing Judy’s Quiltalong too?


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  1. Hi Sheryl, your HSTs look great! I love your Featherweight, too, and her name! That’s cute. You sure took those computer problems in your stride. I wish I could be that calm about that kind of stuff. LOL Take care, Dianne B. in England


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