I Want My Blogs and Read Them Too

I admit it. I want my blogs and read them too. I love to follow blogs written by friends but I can’t keep up without some kind of reminder to look.

It doesn’t do me any good to bookmark blogs. I don’t remember to check them every day. I don’t even remember to do the readomattic thing every day but maybe I could keep that page open and refresh it once a day….don’t know if I’d remember to do that either.

What I really want and yes I know I’m TBW (That Bothersome Woman according to a friend) 😉 is for all of you  bloggers supreme to put a link on your blogs so I can subscribe via e-mail. I love getting them in my mailbox  that way. Told you I want my blog and read it too. 🙂

I figured out how to do it and have added it to my blog.

You have to sign up for feedburner at http://www.feedburner.com.   It’s owned by Google. If you have a Google account of any kind it will automatically recognize you.

After you’ve signed up with your blog….look at the top of the screen and click on “publicize”. Scroll down to “WordPress.com” (if your blog uses WordPress) and click on “offer your blog via email”.

Look for the subscription link code at the bottom of the page. Then just copy/paste it as text from your widgets page. It shows up as a simple text link on your blog.

See…easy peasy. Pretty please. 🙂  🙂  🙂

Then let me know so I can hop over to your blog to subscribe!


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