Today’s the day

that Vanessa and I will load the baby quilt she made for Cherish onto the Grace frame and see if we can quilt it.  That should be interesting.  I’ve had this thing (Grace Machine Quilter frame and Juki)  for probably 3 years and have never really learned how to use it.  The last quilt I put on it made me want to tear my hair out.  It was one of those Totally Tubular nightmares….all those biases and intersecting seams…ick.  The quilt isn’t unattractive but my Juki hates it.

It might be more fun to use the frame if it wasn’t so cramped in that room.  If I can find my camera…who knows where I put it….I’ll take some pics tomorrow so you can enjoy the hilarity with us.  🙂

Vanessa bought some So Fine thread…that’s not something we can do very often…almost $20 bucks for one cone….Ouch.  I sure hope it’s worth it.   🙂   There wasn’t much to choose from at the only shop that had quilting thread within driving distance.  I’ve been reading though and see that is a highly recommended thread for machine quilting.

Here’s a picture of the quilt we’ll be working on.  She’s added borders since this picture.  It’s from a book called  “Sweet and Simple, With a Lime Twist” by Lavender Lime.


It’s really cute with the border on it.  Cross your fingers for the quilting!  So….what thread do you like to use?


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