More fabrics

Here are a few more fabric combinations for the mystery quilt I designed for Southern Samplers. One of the great things about using EQ6 is that you can import fabrics into the program and plug them into your quilt design to get an idea of what it will look like.  You can scan your fabrics, take digital pics of them or search the web for them.  I think every quilter should own EQ.  It’s a designers dream.

The first fabric grouping  is from Sandy:


Sandy is using the black background with neon spheres as the Focus fabric (C).  Going Left to Right across the bottom she has:

Background—Fabric “D”—Fabric “E”—Fabric “A”

And here’s a grouping from Vanessa:


Vanessa is using older Thimbleberries fabrics.  The background is a new T-berries available at Mama’s Quilt Shop but the rest are from MY stash.  Lol.  The girl knows where to shop!

Floral is the focus and Left to Right:

Background, Fabric “A”,  Fabric “E”, Fabric “D”.

And some fabrics from Denise:


Of course that gorgeous paisley is the Focus fabric.  Left to Right:
Fabric “A”, Fabric “E”, Fabric “B”, Fabric “D”

It’s fun selecting fabrics to go with the focus fabric.  In this particular pattern, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the descriptors for each fabric.   🙂

Watch for the first clue coming soon!


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