Frustration Would Be The Key Word

Have you ever forgotten a password for a site and tried to actually access your account there?  I love Google and especially Gmail but I’ve been trying to get into my mail account for the last hour or so.   I download my mail straight into Thunderbird just like my Bellsouth mail  but I like to check the Gmail on their website occasionally just to make sure they haven’t filed something in “spam” that doesn’t go there.

I finally found my password but now Google wants me to type in this ridiculous authentication phrase they’ve put on the page as a security precaution.  I’m all for internet security but who in the world designed this phrase?  Were they 15 years old with 20/20 vision?  It certainly wasn’t done by someone my age.

Take a look at this authentication phrase.  I had to take a screen shot of the page…put it into PSP….crop and enlarge it to make sure I was seeing what they want me to see.   Can your “Over 50” eyes read this????

gmailI could figure out the first five letters but I just couldn’t be sure of those little ones in between.    And this was the best phrase they displayed.  I gave up on the other ones.  Lol.

I finally made it into my account and we’re fine now.  If anyone wonders why I like Gmail so much….you can use them for a alternate addy for your Yahoo groups and actually get your email!  For some reason Bellsouth bounces all my Yahoo mail but Gmail is a great work-around.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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