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All Men Are Born With TV Clickers

in their hands.  You know, I just don’t remember Chris having a remote control  in his hand when he was born but he must have.  Dr. Leumas didn’t say anything about it.

I don’t think they even had clickers when Don was born so how did he come to have one stuck to his hand?  The instant he walks in the door, it’s a magnetic reaction.  Zap!  My Daddy always had the clicker….even slept with it.  So, someone who is infinitely more wisdomy than I am…please tell me how this happens.  How is it that they are entitled to the clicker just because they are a male?

Did you know this creates much tension in a household at times?  Prime example:  I was kinda sorta following the Steelers/Chargers ballgame this past weekend.  I wasn’t sitting on the loveseat watching because I rarely have the patience to do that but as I was cruising around the house, checking e-mail, cleaning mustard greens, working on the new mystery pattern… I was following the game.  DH is no where to be seen.  He’s outside playing with his tractor or over at the barn. Am I trying to take his tractor away from him?  No.   DS was content to follow the game with me because he likes football as much as I do.

Don breezes in from outside….takes his seat….and immediately picks up the clicker and voila! the channel is magically changed to a Charles Bronson movie that is older than dirt.   Lol.   Never mind the fact Don has seen this same movie at least 40 times and we probably have it recorded somewhere.  It was on TV so he had to watch it.  You understand don’t you?  😉

Ever hear of marital *dis*harmony?   Maybe not but you get the picture.  😉

As if that wasn’t bad enough, as soon as the movie was over he started watching reruns of “House”.  I’d almost rather be in a burning “house” than watch “House”.  I’m a nurse.  I don’t want to watch idiots behaving badly on television  at home.  Besides that, “House”  practically kills every patient within ten miles before he figures out what’s wrong.  I’ve already given warning.  If I get sick or you think I’m dying do not take me to someone like “House”!  I’d rather die in peace than be poked, prodded, ridiculed (isn’t that against the Hippocratic oath anyway?), have my liver biopsied because I have  a sore throat…I could go on but I won’t.

Enough about the DH and the clicker.  Now for the DS.  Chris comes in from work and immediately changes the channel even if I *am* watching something.  He likes to watch “Charmed” but since I’m not into T&A I don’t passively sit by…I throw a hissy fit and change the channel.

Oh, and this new DTV thing.  We do have Dish Network but it’s only on one television and there are 3 more TV’s in our home so we have converter boxes but Don hasn’t put the antennae back up since Hurricane Gustav.  We have a tin roof so little rabbit ears just don’t work.  He wants to know why we need the antennae put back up because we can watch TV in the den.  I reminded him that some people might like to watch something besides “House”….maybe a little football…and if the antennae was up “she” could watch football or DWTS on the bedroom TV.  I’ll let you know when the antennae goes back up.  Don’t hold your breath.  😉

Ok, so I’ve vented and I’m not sure I feel any better.  🙂   Hiding the clicker will only help briefly…until they remember that you can actually lay fingers on the buttons on the face of the TV to do the same thing that the clicker does.

I’m headed to the kitchen to work on some Turnip greens Don brought in from the garden.  I don’t know if he really wants to eat them or if he thinks it’s a good way to divert my attention from his changing the channel!

Until next time Have a Great Day!


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