Did You Know We Have Kitties?

Well, we do.   It’s been a long time since we actively looked for a pet because for some reason people give them to us all the time.  I’m convinced there’s a sign above our house that says “Drop all unwanted kitties here”.  I can’t see the sign so it must only be visible to people riding by who just happen to have an unwanted cat in their car.  We just don’t have the heart to turn them away so we feed them but we don’t let them all come inside.    Only select kitties get to live inside.

Murphy Kat came to live with us in spring of 2003 and he wasn’t thrilled about it.  But now he’s a great lap warmer.  Don barely has time to sit down in the recliner before Murphy Kat (top of picture) jumps into his lap.  He’s also known as “Fat A__” or “Fat Kat”.   😉 Molly Mae aka MaggieNolia is the offspring of a different cat who came to live with us.  Molly Mae is  almost 2 years old now.  I’m a pushover for blue-gray kitties.  She has an attitude problem as you can see in this picture.  That’s her normal facial expression.

mollymurphyresizeopt20Molly Mae like to climb.  We have cornices over our bedroom windows and she likes to snooze up there.  Here are 2 pictures of Molly Mae taking a nap on the cornices.

mollymaesleepingopt20 mollymaesleeping2opt20

There’s that dratted fabric shelf you could see via the dresser mirror.  It’s going to get re-located soon.

Courtesy of Mokey (beautiful blue-gray outside kitty that an unknown someone gave to us…see I told you there’s a sign out there) we have Jet, an adorable fluffy black kitten and Buttons, a mischievous Siamese wanna-be.  They mostly stay inside but do go outside during the day when there are no foxes or other horrible things to get them.  I don’t have a picture of Jet to show but here’s Buttons in her new favorite spot.


I believe our pets enrich our lives.  They’re a guaranteed stress reliever and kittens are fabulous free entertainment.

No 2-Hour Tizzy today.  I have to finish my CE’s to renew my nursing license.

Have a Happy New Year!


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  1. patchkat

     /  January 1, 2009

    What cute kitties. We must have that same sign. It’s invisible to us, but other people can see it! Actually, the DD gave us a sign that says “all Strays welcome”…and apparently, people believe it. Love Buttons coloration.

  2. Judy L.

     /  January 6, 2009

    At least with cats that like to sleep on shelves, you shouldn’t have to dust up there. I’ve never been much of a cat fan but I tell you . . I’m amazed that they can jump and land up on those shelves.


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