Diary of a Messy Housewife

I’m a clutter-holic.    I love buying stuff, especially fabric but it’s taken over my house.  I think the only rooms  in the house that don’t have fabric stashed somewhere are probably the bathrooms.  That’s pretty sad don’t you think?   Since I’ve never been much for keeping house, it’s pretty easy to see how & why I’ve lost control of my surroundings.

All this clutter has been getting on my nerves lately and I’d really like for things to be nice and neat so I’ve been trying to think of reasonable ways I can accomplish that feat.    CNN is one of my favorite web sites because I really love the news.  They had a link to an article on Oprah’s site called Road to Recovery.   Somehow I missed the fact that there are experts in cleaning clutter and organizing homes.  The article highlights a guy named Peter Walsh who has a show called Clean Sweep on TLC.

I don’t normally like to set myself up for public ridicule but I figure if the lady in this article can let the whole world know about her clutter, then so can I.   Granted my outcome won’t be nearly as dramatic as hers and Lowe’s isn’t lined up waiting to install new cabinets & appliances in my kitchen but hopefully at the end of this journey, my home will at least be clean enough that I can invite friends over once again.

Years ago I tried Fly Lady’s method but there was just way too much mail arriving in my inbox and I wasn’t successful with sticking with the program.  After reading tons of stuff on Oprah’s site last night and especially the tips & hints Peter gives to help make you successful, I’ve decided I’m going to use a *2 hour Tizzy* once a day in order to get my house and my life back.  Hopefully I’ll have great results this time.

Since I work nights at the hospital, the days when I’m sleeping will be  “forgiven days”.  If I feel like having a 2 hour Tizzy on those days, I can but I won’t punish myself if I don’t.  And if I decide to cut back to a 1 Hour Tizzy on any given day, that’s ok too.  This isn’t about wearing myself out.  It’s about reclaiming my home using a method that is workable for me.

Here are the guidelines I’m setting for myself:

  • Choose a specific area for the Tizzy.  It doesn’t need to be a large area.  The idea is to be able to finish that area in 2 hours.
  • Take before and after pictures of each area being de-cluttered.  Keep those pictures to remind myself how much progress I’m making.
  • Set the alarm on my cell phone or microwave for 2 hours.
  • Use shopping bags to sort stuff:  Fabric, Take Another Look, Quilty Stuff, Give Away.
  • Keep the trash can handy and toss everything I don’t need.
  • Laundry and Kitchen/Bathroom duty time isn’t included in the 2 Hour Tizzy.  That has to be done anyway.
  • Use the strategies for 15 minute cleanups written on About.
  • At the end of the 2 hours…stop.  There will be another 2 Hour Tizzy the next day.

I’ll probably revise these guidelines as I go.

I’m starting with my bedroom.  Right now, there’s a path around the bed.  The walls are covered with shelves filled with bolts of fabric…yep….bolts.  The floor is covered with plastic bins filled with vintage feedsacks and on top of those are stacks of clothes, fabric, books, and whatever else winds up on the piles.  I’m a piler-upper too.

Here’s what I worked on today with help from Chris.  Here’s the before and after pictures.  It’s a little nook just inside the bedroom door and believe it or not, that’s an antique Victrola standing in the nook and sitting on top is an old Bowl & Pitcher.  We love antiques.

bedroomnookbeforeopt20 bedroomnookafteropt20

That’s a stain on the carpet in front of the Victrola but that will be put off for now.  Using the 2 Hour Tizzy system, I figure it will take me  a couple weeks to get my bedroom the way I want it.   If you laugh, you have to leave.  😉

If you want to embark on this 2 Hour Tizzy with me, just keep me posted on how you’re doing.  I know I just got started today, but dangit…I think I’m proud of this little accomplishment!


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  1. Jane St John

     /  February 3, 2009

    Hey i am with you i am trying as i walk by something to put it away
    got the cd slob sisters fits me to a tee. I would rather play with my toys than clean
    you are inspiring me love the way you are doing Jane

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