Paint Shop Pro Freebee

In my last post I mentioned using Paint Shop Pro for creating graphics.  It’s been a wonderful software for anyone who wished to create graphics pixel by pixel from scratch and can also be used to edit photographs.  I’ve been using the program ever since PSP v6.  I keep v7-v10 installed on my computer and use each of them at different times as each program has different perks to offer.  Jasc used to own PSP but sold the software to Corel a few years ago.  Many users of PSP believe that was the beginning of the end for PSP.  I also own Corel Draw v9 but I never use it.  After using PSP, Corel Draw just isn’t user friendly in my opinion.  I’ve even taken an online course to learn how to use Corel Draw….I just prefer PSP.

Here’s a link to a page on  the Corel site where you can download a free, legal, complete copy of PSP v10.  I tested the link this morning and it was working but I can’t promise how long they will leave it intact.  So get it while you can and enjoy.  Make sure you also download all the patches for the software and install them in order.   There should be 3 patches.

If you want to learn about using PSP, there are a few really good groups on Yahoo.  The most comprehensive group I found for learning the program is called Stepping Stones Through PSP.  It’s a series of tutorials.  There is a minimum participation requirement so don’t join the group unless you can work the lessons.  Some of the tutorials  may  seem kind of silly but each one teaches something important for you to know.   SSTPSP has experienced PSP users who are assigned to you to help along the way.

You can also find tons of free PSP tuts (tutorials) and other PSP stuff on the net just by doing a Google search.

Warning:  I claim no responsibility for lost hours spent staring at the computer screen or dreaming of new graphics waiting to be created or searching for new tuts / filters / presets / tubes / etc.   🙂


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  1. patchkat

     /  December 27, 2008

    I’m a PSP fan too…have used it since V6. DD downloaded the newest one last Tuesday, but I’ve only found one patch.

    Congrats on the cleaning issues. I need to follow your example!


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